The universal joint pin of the paper feeder caused by the universal joint is broken

The universal joint pin of the paper feeder caused by the universal joint is broken

1. Cause analysis

Depending on the paper size and format, the paper feed speed will often change the relative position of the paper feeder. The angle between the feeder shaft and the paper feeder shaft will also change frequently. The angle of the two single universal joints of the universal joint changes greatly, almost on the same line as the middle shaft, the drive shaft and the driven shaft. If the angle is larger, the friction angle of the universal joint is larger during the movement. In the absence of lubricating oil, the wear of the two single universal joints is easily aggravated, and in severe cases, the wear is caused. If it is not found in time, it will cause the universal joint to be stuck during the movement, and the universal coupling shaft pin will be cut due to the resistance, thus affecting the normal movement of the paper feed and the normal operation of the paper feeder. jobs.

2. Solution

Lubricating oil should be added regularly to the universal joint during routine maintenance. In order to prevent the paper ash, paper wool and dust from sticking to it and affecting the lubrication effect, a rubber protection ring can also be designed on the outer ring, so that after the lubricating oil is added, the universal joint can be covered with the rubber protection ring.

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