Beijing furniture trade-in new pilot one month foreign resident permanent residents can participate

Beijing furniture trade-in new pilot one month foreign resident permanent residents can participate

According to China Voice "News", after the old-fashioned home appliance policy, starting from yesterday, Beijing began to test the furniture trade-in policy. Consumers can get a 10% subsidy on the sales price of new furniture after they purchase 4 types of new furniture and hand over old furniture. On the first day of the new policy trial, how do consumers feel?

Yesterday was a working day, and there were not many passengers in Beijing's furniture stores. In the Yuquanying Yuquanying store, some of the customers interviewed by the reporter said that they did not know the policy of replacing the old ones. Some people only saw the title in the newspaper and did not understand the specific rules.

Customer: We haven't seen what it is.

The old-fashioned furniture of this pilot, including cabinets, sofas, beds, tables and chairs, is emphasized as "movable furniture", like the whole cabinets fixed in the kitchen. Five pilot companies from Real Home, Red Star Macalline and Jimei purchase new furniture in 16 stores in Beijing, and then hand over old furniture, consumers can get 10% subsidy for new furniture sales price, the highest single subsidy Not more than 1,000 yuan. In other words, if you buy 3,000 yuan, you will get 300 yuan, but if you buy a 30,000 yuan, you can only get a subsidy of 1,000 yuan. The consumers interviewed all welcomed this policy.

Consumers: I think it's attractive because you have some furniture that is ruined. If you throw a penny, you have to throw it. If you don't have to throw it, you can still throw it away. 10,000 yuan can be worth a thousand dollars or even a thousand.

Not only consumers, but merchants can also benefit from trade-in. Actually, the home has already implemented a trade-in of 5% discount. Some merchants said that this can help attract customers, and about 20% of daily transactions enjoy the trade-in.

Merchant: I think this is a win-win situation. For the mall, he also recruits customers for his shopping malls to attract customers.

Different from the previous home appliance replacement, the trial furniture is trade-in and does not restrict Beijing hukou. The Beijing residents who are registered in the foreign country can participate in the Beijing Work Permit or Temporary Residence Permit. Another point is that the old furniture purchased is the same kind as the old furniture delivered. For example, an old small bedside table cannot be used to change a large bookcase, and can not be used to change a sofa. In addition, it should be corresponding to the number of pieces, such as the sofa in the living room. If it consists of three pieces, it is necessary to use three old sofas to calculate the depreciation. Of course, such a set of sofas can theoretically be exchanged for up to 3,000 dollars. Subsidy.

The Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce and the furniture store staff interviewed also said that the old furniture used for trade-in was not required, but it must be complete. The materials of the old and new furniture can be different, and the old cloth sofa can be used to replace the new leather sofa. However, it is still reminding consumers to communicate with the merchants in detail before purchase, and confirm that the old furniture that they want to use for subsidies is the type that meets the requirements.

It is understood that the Beijing furniture trade-in will be piloted for a month, which means that friends who want to try the New Deal have to hurry up this month. Then, after the end of the pilot, will the promotion measures like the trade-in change continue? Can such policies be promoted nationwide?

Since the end of last year, discussions about the trade-in of furniture have emerged. Zhao Ping, deputy director of the Consumer Economics Research Department of the Ministry of Commerce, believes that the introduction of the promotion fee policy at this time is obvious for the pulling effect of related industries.

Zhao Ping: In Beijing, the growth rate of furniture consumption has dropped significantly. Many furniture enterprises have a very high growth pressure. Under this circumstance, the subsidy policy of furniture trade-in will stimulate the growth of consumption. Significant promotion.

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