"tailor-made" furniture has advantages and disadvantages

"tailor-made" furniture has advantages and disadvantages

Exquisite and warm small apartment, chic and generous three-bedroom... Nowadays, with the emergence of various real estate units, traditional popular furniture can no longer meet the individual needs of consumers. To this end, some people will choose to "tailor-made" furniture for their new home. However, in the process of customizing furniture, there are often some problems, and “tailor-made” furniture has advantages and disadvantages. On September 20th, the reporter conducted a visit on this.

"tailor-made" has both advantages and disadvantages

"I don't want this kind of wardrobe, this TV cabinet is too tacky..." On the morning of the 20th, the reporter went to a furniture mall in Changjiang Road to visit, just to meet a pair of young men and women in the purchase of furniture, despite the furniture in the furniture store. There are different styles and colors, but it seems difficult to meet the needs of young people. The young lady told reporters that her new home is currently undergoing renovations. In the past few days, they have ran a lot of furniture stores, but they can't find their own satisfactory style. At the suggestion of her boyfriend, they decided to find someone to customize the furniture. The reporter learned that the general furniture store does not provide customized furniture services, and some decoration teams will create personalized furniture according to consumer preferences. The reporter immediately contacted a renovation team. "The advantage of custom furniture is that it can be 'tailor-made', and the defects are also manifested here. Although we have measured the length, width and height of the house in advance, it is often caused by the decoration of the house of the owner that the furniture is not commensurate with the new home." The staff told reporters that if there is a quality problem with the furniture, they will be responsible for the return, but if it is measured in advance and the problem is not properly installed afterwards, it will be more likely to cause disputes.

"It was a happy thing to decorate a new home, but now it has become a fire!" Xiao Xu, who lives in Wantai Crystal City, complained that a few months ago, she asked a decoration team to tailor her wardrobe. , bookcases, big beds, small beds and other sets of furniture, the finished furniture made her cry and laugh, the style, color is not as good as the imagination, the custom built-in wardrobe can not be installed. She went to the decoration company and refused to redo or refund it on the grounds of the original request. Since the two parties did not sign the contract in advance, Xiao Xu can only put these "problem furniture" at home. Among the more than 10 citizens interviewed on the same day, 7 people were looking for a decoration team to customize the furniture of the new home. Three of them were not satisfied with the customized products. Some chose to redo, while others chose to redo. Will be used.

Lawyers recommend signing the agreement in advance

“There may be several situations between consumers and contractors due to differences in custom furniture.” Ni Wenying, a lawyer from Jingwang Law Firm of Anhui Province, told reporters that if the contractor made a mistake in measuring the consumer’s house If the quality of the customized furniture is not artificial, then the contractor must take responsibility; if the house in the consumer’s home has been re-constructed under the premise that the contractor has measured, the housing pattern has changed. Therefore, the custom furniture is “not commensurate” with the new home, and the consumer needs to take responsibility. Mr. Ni advised consumers to sign a written contract with the contractor when customizing the furniture, write the customized requirements one by one on the contract, and how to deal with it if it defaults. In the absence of such written agreement, it may be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Contract Law of the People's Republic of China.

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