Home health knowledge that can't be ignored (2)

Home health knowledge that can't be ignored (2)

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In the home life, sometimes seemingly tiny things will affect our health, let us take a look at some health common sense now:

1, the mattress does not sleep on the side

The old sleeping side of the mattress can easily lead to spring deformation and the mattress is sunken. It is best to change the front and back and the orientation of the new mattress after 2-3 months.

2, toilet brush, half a year change

The toilet brush will fall off after a long time, and it is easy to hide the dirt. It is best to change it in half a year. If placed in an airtight container, it is also easy to breed bacteria.

3, decorate the room, use less oil painting

Oil paint contains a certain amount of soluble strontium, arsenic, antimony, lead, mercury, selenium and other elements. If it is excessively ingested by the human body, it will endanger health.

4, there is a range hood to open the window

Although the range hood can remove the fumes, it can not take away the exhaust gas generated when the gas is burned. This kind of gas is more harmful to the human body.

5, pet hair, sweep with tea

Drain the leftover tea leaves, sprinkle it on the floor, and then sweep it with a broom. It is easy to take away the pet's hair, but it is best to use tea that has been brewed many times.

6, furniture long worms, painted pepper

Wood furniture with insects can be smashed into sharp peppers or peppers, stuffed into insect holes, and then coated with paraffin oil for 10 days to remove insects.

7, wallpaper, only a wall

The wallpaper itself and the adhesive release volatile organic compounds, so it can be used only to decorate visual points such as video walls and theme walls.

8, choose the floor drain, stainless steel is good

Cast iron, cast copper floor drain surface is rough, easy to rust, and the displacement is small, the flow rate is slow; PVC floor drain has poor anti-aging performance, and it is easy to deform when it is exposed to heat.

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