Living and working in harmony with Italian gender to LOFT

Living and working in harmony with Italian gender to LOFT

Four Italian friends have jointly purchased a one-story street building. The customer's need is to design a space for living and working, both public and private. The designer divides the entire space into four parts, each with an area of ​​100 square meters. The height of 7.5 meters determines that this is not a simple "house" but should be designed as LOFT. Given the different professional and cultural backgrounds of the owners, they need different spaces. So although the four LOFTs are all the same simplicity, openness and freedom, after reading these pictures, you will find that this is 4 spaces with completely different personalities. Next

  • 360 degree universal 4 wheels, anti-seismic, anti-friction, Silent
  • Trolley: high grade Aluminum sub-segment pull rod
  • Lining: good quality polyester material. BUIT-IN: reinforced cross straps, compartment bags
  • Lock: high grade password lock
  • Brand new and high quality
  • Simple, fashion stylish designed
  • Lightweight but durable ABS hard shell
  • Durable multi-directional wheels, rotating 360 degrees
  • Main compartment with high capacity
  • Ergonomically designed push-button handles telescoping handle
  • Safety guaranteed with firm coded lock
  • Fit for traveling, moving house
  • Resistant to dirt, easy to clean up with rags
  • Hardside Expandable Luggage

ABS Universal Wheeled Trolley Luggage

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