Walk-in cloakroom design Raiders

Walk-in cloakroom design Raiders

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The walk-in cloakroom is generally a closed space. There is only a pile of wardrobes and a place where one can change clothes or pick clothes. A stylish sliding door is set outside, and a private space is created. It can be designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the owner of the room to solve the problem of the owner's wardrobe storage. So where do you need to pay attention when designing a walk-in closet?

●Conceived before design

Before designing, it is best to have an expectation of the function of the space, such as the hostess wants the dressing room and the make-up room, or the male owner wants the locker room as a storage room. At the same time, the clothing classification method should also be considered, such as where is the dressing area, casual wear area, home service area, and what proportion of each. This allows you to precisely set the size of each part.

●The lighting settings are particular

The walk-in cloakroom should also be arranged with reasonable lighting and color to make it fit perfectly into the overall style of the interior while maintaining its own atmosphere. In terms of lighting design, it is best to use a light source such as a fluorescent lamp that is close to natural light, so that the color of the clothes is close to normal.

●The seesaw is divided into learning

The slab division of the walk-in dressing room should be reasonable. The size of the objects placed, including the length, volume and weight, etc., can be analyzed before the slab division, which are commonly used and which are reserved. , who is suitable for placement below, whether it is convenient to place, etc., and then, based on these analyses, create a shelf segmentation map.

●Optional hardware is not cheap

Hardware is an important part of quality assurance. If it is only cheap, it will cause trouble for future maintenance. So be sure to buy quality hardware. In addition, designing a seat pier or telescopic pull rod in the dressing room can sit and hang when replacing the clothes, which is a performance of humanized design.

●The environmental protection of the cloakroom cannot be ignored

The cloakroom is generally located in a relatively closed place in the home, so environmental protection is particularly important. When consumers order a cloakroom, they must ask whether the plates used by the manufacturers meet environmental protection standards. It is best to see the inspection reports of the plates used by the manufacturers.

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