Plastic bottle packaging to improve the process and design level

Plastic bottle packaging to improve the process and design level

Compared with glass and aluminum bottle packaging, plastic bottle packaging has always been set in the low-end packaging market. In the packaging of glass bottles, the relevant technology for the appearance of glass bottles has been continuously improved. The application of paint, baking, stickers, frosting, and other processes on glass bottles has enabled the original grade of ordinary glass bottles to be upgraded, and has become a staple in the high-end packaging market.

For plastic bottle packaging, although the packaging materials are endless, they have been stagnating in the related process of plastic bottles. Plastic bottle packaging has been difficult to make good progress in the high-end packaging market. We believe that plastic bottle companies must squeeze into the high-end market. On the one hand, it is necessary to make breakthroughs in the design of plastic bottles. An exquisite and beautiful bottle shape is of great help in improving the packaging grade of plastic bottles. On the other hand, a breakthrough in the production level of plastic bottles requires sufficient efforts in the plastic bottle's color, appearance, texture, and other processes, so that the technological level of plastic bottles is close to glass bottles and other products.

In fact, the improvement of the related grade of a packaging product is to enhance the cultural connotation of the product, and ultimately to make the profit margin of the plastic bottle product grow.

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