Patent introduction of new automatic seam welding machine and steel barrel sealer (Liu Jingsheng)

Patent introduction of new automatic seam welding machine and steel barrel sealer (Liu Jingsheng)

New automatic seam welding machine and steel barrel closure patented product introduction

Bengbu Fangyuan Barrel Co., Ltd. Liu Jingsheng

Mr. Liu Jingsheng gave a speech at the 2012 Steel Barrel Industry Conference held in Dalian

Dear leaders, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen,

Hello everyone!

In the festive days of the second member conference of the Steel Barrel Professional Committee, on behalf of Bengbu Fangyuan Barrel Co., Ltd., I briefed my friends on the latest products and technologies of our company.

Bengbu Fangyuan Barrel Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company established after the restructuring of state-owned enterprises. Our company mainly produces steel drums, steel drum sealers and steel barrel manufacturing equipment.

The steel drum sealer is an old product of our company. It has a production history of 30 years. In recent years, through the equipment renovation and technological innovation, the product quality has been improved, in order to provide an ideal product for the majority of users. After long-term repeated research and experiment, our company successfully produced a utility model patent flange, which has been approved by the State Intellectual Property Office. Now we will introduce a patent for embedded flanges.

Utility model embedded flange closure patented product

The embedded flange sealer patent particularly relates to a utility model embedded flange, the patent number is ZL 2011 2 0252776.4.

Generally, the flange of the embedded flange sealer used in the steel drum has a poor sealing effect due to the smooth upper surface of the eight sides of the flanged ring. In order to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, the utility model provides an embedded flange, and the technical solution adopted for solving the technical problem is: the flange body has eight sides, the flange body has a thread on the cylindrical surface, and the flange body There are full circle of protrusions on the sides of the eight sides, and the corresponding lower surface of the eight sides of the flange body has a full circle of grooves, and the protrusions of the whole circle and the periphery of the flange have flanged ring grooves. When the flange and the top of the bucket are locked, the liner ring is placed in the liner groove for locking, and the sealing effect is very good. After the drop test, no leakage occurred in the locked parts. This product is an ideal new patented product for closed steel drums.

Comparison of new closure flanges and ordinary flange locks

The automatic steel barrel seam welding machine is a new type of equipment that can be independently manufactured by our company and jointly manufactured by Shanxi Water Conservancy Machinery Factory to meet the needs of domestic and foreign users. After several years of hard work, the welding technology has matured and now has more than ten users. Sold to Tianjin, Shanghai, Shanxi, Shandong, Hebei, Lanzhou, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and other regions, users responded well.

New automatic seam welder in use

In order to let everyone know more about our company's automatic steel barrel seam welding machine, the production process of automatic steel barrel seam welding machine is now on-site, please watch, thank you!

Company Profile - Steel Bar Closer New Product Introduction

A patent introduction of embedded flange

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