Kraft Paper Replacement Luxury Deluxe Tea Packaging Lines

Kraft Paper Replacement Luxury Deluxe Tea Packaging Lines

“This tea has given me 5 bubbles.” Facing customers who only buy “a tea”, the tea traders are not at all disheartened and are happy to come up with 5 exquisite calfskin paper bags. The scene in Dalian Fukang Tea City changed people's traditional impression of tea consumption. On the counters of many tea merchants, the kraft paper and Xuan paper small packaging have already squeezed out the position of luxury gift boxes, proclaiming that tea consumption has begun to enter the era of simplicity and rationality.
“In the past, buying tea was done in half a catty or a pound, but it was often not finished in a short time. The result was a bad tea. The tea ceremony gift box, although nice, but it makes people feel distance, and the price of the gift box is often higher than The tea is expensive and wasteful.” At 1 pm yesterday afternoon, Mr. Li, a consumer who bought at Fukang Tea City, told reporters that now he and his circle of friends are now buying paper. Subsequently, the five consumers interviewed by the reporter all agreed with this. “Paper packaging gives people a feeling of health and environmental protection, and small packaging can be bought with drinking, and will not cause waste.” “Visit customers or visit friends, this kind of small package readily holds and does not look dazzling, but also appears to and each other Very close."
The change in consumer spending habits is also directly reflected in the sales of businesses. "Two or two paper small packages are more than 20% larger than half a catty of big cans or gift boxes." Mr. Tea Merchant Li said in an interview that although there are more and more people drinking tea, competition in the tea industry is fierce. Business is not easy to do. This kind of paper packaging is not only to cater to the market but also a puerile strategy. "In addition, people are now more rational and the market for luxury gift boxes is getting smaller and smaller."
During the interview, several merchants introduced that some of these kraft paper bags were purchased from Taobao. Large quantities were ordered directly from the manufacturers. According to the size, the price of each bag ranged from a few cents to a dollar. After getting the bag, the merchant will design their own text and design, spend a hundred dollars or so to make a mold, and then go home and screen printing. The cost of such a small kraft paper bag is very simple and elegant, and the temperament of tea is very special.
Kraft paper packaging options
This reporter learned that because of the taste-absorbing properties of tea, ordinary paper packaging such as kraft paper can easily breathe and dampen the tea and produce odors. In response, the major conglomerate of Dalian's large-scale tea QQ group “conch” reminds that such packaged tea is best served in a short period of time to avoid degradation of quality. In addition, there are many kraft paper packages on the market, which are internally processed, some are aluminum-plated, and others have a plastic film. “Conch” advises consumers to buy the best coating on this layer beforehand. If it is sticky or smells, try not to choose it.

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