27 exquisite home accessories easy to lay out a variety of style entrance

27 exquisite home accessories easy to lay out a variety of style entrance

Style1 solid color simplicity

Create elements: right-angle table + art painting + rattan basket

The color tone of the wall is the first contact point of sight. The porch combined with full and pure colors and simple and smooth lines, like the same abstract painting embedded on the wall, brings a lively impression to the living room. In the soft linen wall background, with bright emerald green table, refreshing water lake blue table lamp, intimate goose yellow flower pot ... the breath of spring is coming. The abstract hanging paintings composed of these colors are placed on several cases to reconcile the light and heavy relationship between the upper and lower parts of the entrance. Underneath a few cases is a straw storage box with lid, which is not only very light, but also integrates a touch of natural style into this fresh and simple entry space.

Pure color simple entrance collocation recommended

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Style2 natural tenderness

Create elements: apartment side cabinet + black and white photos + coat rack

With elegant white furniture against the aqua blue wall, it sets a fresh and natural style for the living room. Choose an exquisite side cabinet and change the shape of the cabinet slightly. For example, if you change the Founder cabinet into a semi-circular shape, it will store a lot of things, but it is more delicate and light. When getting started, the hanger not only has a practical storage function, but also balances the picture of the entrance with a slim shape. Frames, table lamps, flower pots and other decorations, on the one hand, echo the elegant shape of the furniture, outline a quiet and cozy picture, on the other hand, with natural linen texture and color, give a fresh and rustic feeling. The green storage boxes and flowers and plants dotted therebetween became the visual focus, bringing the warmth to the front.

Natural warmth entrance recommended

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Style3 Chinese style

Create elements: Chinese style plan + blue and white porcelain + painting plaque

Mahogany, blue and white porcelain, lacquer ware ... Ancient and vital Chinese elements bring a strong Chinese style to the entrance. The flamboyant porch wallpaper is printed with freehand Chinese landscape paintings. The elegant Chinese-style mahogany strip is placed in the center, above which is a golden embossed traditional lacquer painting suspended in the center. Its sides are decorated with blue and white porcelain with a sense of time There are also celadon desk lamps, vases, powder boxes, etc. placed in high and low places ... Here, every composition is writing a balanced and moderate Chinese artistic conception, and in the color, the bright red contrasts with the elegant celadon, Construct a warm atmosphere of the festival.

Recommended Chinese style entrance

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Style4 American dignity

Create elements: classic corner cabinet + rattan mirror + classical table lamp

The American style's emphasis on practicality and comfort is also reflected in the layout of the entrance. In front of the refreshing white walls, the wide, low-profile cabinets with curved edges have a thick tone and texture. Not only are the cabinet lines decorated with chic scroll patterns, the large countertops and bases, and the design of multiple drawers of different sizes. It is very practical, showing a dignified American style. Above the low cabinet, a black round frame with golden embellishment echoes the low cabinet in color and shape. The cabinet also has gold and black elements interspersed among them. Table lamps, photo frames, storage boxes and other table decorations are inlaid with exquisite carvings and chic flower decorations ... so that the entire entrance space looks generous and at the same time, there are many exquisite details sense

American dignified entrance collocation recommended

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Style5 Exotic Mashup

Create elements: copper side cabinet + ethnic tapestry + Buddhist ornaments

The red wall brings a strong visual impact, and elements with Southeast Asian styles fill it, bringing refreshing and exotic scenery to the entrance. The surface of the old wooden cabinet is decorated with totem-like hand-made copper patterns, and it is used as a shoe cabinet or storage cabinet at the entrance. The wooden sculptures of the maids on both sides were unexpectedly placed on Roman columns, allowing various ethnic elements to mix and match in the same space. On the wall, the exquisite handmade tapestry hanging in the center, like the artwork, brings luster and texture to the space. Above the cabinet, metal Buddha statues, shrines, incense burners and other decorations further strengthen the exotic cultural atmosphere, and the brightly colored hand-woven Tibetan carpets on the ground bring a mysterious impression to the living room.

Exotic mix and match entrance recommendation

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