KAILAS women's two quick-drying pants with detachable legs can be purchased for only 398 yuan. Read More >>

KAILAS women's two quick-drying pants with detachable legs can be purchased for only 398 yuan. Read More >>

For those who want to do outdoor sports in the summer, the first consideration is whether the equipment has good moisture-absorption, fast-drying, and breathable properties so that it can be instantly dry and comfortable after a strong summer heat. KAILAS, which has been outstanding in the performance of outdoor products, can always guarantee the comfort of wearing. Therefore, here, Greenfield Editor recommends to the outdoor American donkeys a KAILAS two-section quick-drying pants suitable for spring and summer wear. KAILAS two-section quick-drying pants with a market price of RMB 398 are equipped with gray, brown-green and khaki types of Arthur. They are UV-resistant, breathable, quick-drying, and ultra-light, and these features must include outdoor beauty. Most of the needs of donkeys.

KAILAS Women's Two Quick Dry Pants Wear Show

KAILAS two-step quick-drying pants are exclusive products for women. They belong to the loose version. Diamond-shaped patches reduce friction, and the design of the legislature makes the activities more comfortable. The detachable trouser legs and adjustable trousers are suitable for outdoor use. Hiking, adventure, travel, everyday wear, etc.

KAILAS women's two quick dry pants side show

KAILAS two-step quick-drying pants use WICKDRY, one of the strongest fast-drying fabrics for fabric selection. As one of the world's most powerful fast-drying fabrics, WICKDRY fabrics have excellent water-absorbing properties, which can greatly shorten the time required for the drying of water molecules. It is possible to increase the amount of heat that is absorbed by the human body during vaporization as much as possible in outdoor sports, and thus produces a cold effect that is hardly felt even when it is wet. This kind of fabric is more heat-resistant than sweat, air-dried and sunlight than other common fabrics. It is a good companion for outdoor travel in hot weather. The trousers feature pockets in a net-textural structure, and pockets made of this breathable Wang Wen structure allow the contents of the pocket to be less boring and more sporty.

KAILAS women's two quick dry pants on the back show

Disassembly structure of trouser legs - The detachable structure designed on quick-dry pants trouser legs can enable you to adjust the length of the trousers according to the changes of temperature and weather at any time to ensure the comfort of wearing. The middle zipper uses the link design of the world's top brands. While enhancing the closeness of the link, it also improves the convenience of disassembly, and it also has high-quality quality.

Removable design of KAILAS women's quick-drying pants

The trousers of the two quick-drying trousers are designed with a gusset, and the combination of zipper and button allows you to move freely while enjoying outdoor sports. The dense pocket sewing structure makes the pockets more firm. Some of the items that are carried around can be stuffed into the pockets to free up space for both hands, and it also ensures the safety of the contents in the pockets. The double-row waistband buckle at the center symmetrical position of the back of the waistband subverts the traditional design, and it is easier to lock the belt and experience outdoor sports. The left and right asymmetric structure of the belt buckle design, according to the habit of the general people system belt, so that you can feel at any time KAILAS humanized design concept. At the same time, a plastic hanging ring is sewn on the back of the belt, so that the weight to be carried around can be hung on the trousers through the hanging loop. There are hidden pockets on the outside of the thighs and buttocks. The hidden design ensures the appearance of the pants. At the same time, the huge capacity can also be used to place small items that you want to tuck into; the closure is made of YKK zipper, improved The security of the internal carrier. Adjustable ropes are used in the trousers. The size of the trousers can be adjusted at any time according to their own needs to ensure the wearer's comfort and wear.

KAILAS women's two quick-drying pants waist design

The beautiful donkeys who love outdoor sports in the summer and put aside the hot weather to give you the worry, believe that KAILAS ladies' quick-drying pants with good quality, high quality and full performance will bring you summer outdoor Perfect protection. The market price of 398 yuan quick-drying pants with high cost, I believe this summer will attract more and more outdoor enthusiasts personally to experience its comfort.

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