Exploring the Causes of Print Paper Stickers

Exploring the Causes of Print Paper Stickers

In the printing process, the dot on the printing plate is reduced, empty, and disappeared, resulting in the disappearance of the fine line and text of the graphic. This phenomenon is called the floral version. The floral version is one of the most common faults, and it will appear repeatedly. When the floral version occurs, the high-profile fine dots will soon be lost. Therefore, in the field printing, this phenomenon of whitening may also occur due to the destruction of the base-based lipophilic foundation.

The reasons for the flower version are as follows: 1. The usage amount of the fountain solution is too large; 2. The pressure is too small to be prone to flower patterns, but after the pressure adjustment is too large, it is easy to abrade the printing plate, and the printing pressure is reasonably adjusted in strict accordance with the technical requirements; 3. Liquid acid strong and weak factors; 4 water, ink roller improper adjustment or water, ink roller aging and deformation are also prone to flower patterns; 5. By the substrate surface uneven or uneven color caused.

The flower version needs to be discovered in time. Finding out the reasons and taking corresponding measures can be completely avoided.

Paste printing is often encountered as another type of printing failure. Its characteristic is that the layout outlets have been enlarged and deformed, and they have been glued to each other, making the level of printed matter unclear. After a paste failure occurs, scrub with an appropriate solvent for the nature of the ink. When cleaning, pay attention to the printing surface, gently wipe from the middle to the periphery. Check the plate after wiping, if any defect is repaired, repair can be restarted.

The reasons for the paste version are: 1. Poor water control; 2. Too much ink and ink is too thin; 3. Printing pressure is too high. Treatment methods are as follows: 1. Ink is added to the ink; 2. Increase the amount of water, especially to increase the acidity of the medicine; 3. The use of high concentrations of ink, try to make the print thinner; 4. Use higher The surface tension of the syrup; 5. Adjust the pressure between the plate and the blanket roller; 6. Reduce the desiccant; 7. Replace the faster-drying resin ink.

Flower and paste are common faults in the printing process. Operators must discover and solve them in time. This is the most effective way to ensure product quality and reduce scrap.

Paper Cord

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Twisted Paper Cord is use of high-quality pure wood pulp paper production, into a single round, commonly used specifications: diameter 1.0mm-5.5mm between

Twisted Paper Cord Finished shape: 
1, according to the length of the customer cut into a strip or processed into paper bag handle;
2, rewinding into a coil-like (conventional standards: 3mm 5000 m / roll, 3.5-4mm, 3500 m / volume), can also be adjusted according to customer requirements for each volume of rice, for automatic bag machine, hand-cranked machine use.

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