Furniture's first nationally recognized enterprise technology center settled in the Federation

Furniture's first nationally recognized enterprise technology center settled in the Federation

The furniture manufacturing that traditional carpenters can complete has now been reborn and moved to the modern “smart” industrial upgrading. On the afternoon of November 16, at the ceremony of the Shenzhen High-Tech Fair, the Federation officially obtained the “National Certified Enterprise Technology Center” plaque issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, becoming the only technology-innovative enterprise in the furniture industry to obtain national certification, and also made furniture for the first time. The industry is juxtaposed with high-tech enterprises such as Huawei and ZTE, and is moving toward modern industrial upgrading.

The Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Center is the honorary title of the National Science and Technology Innovation Demonstration, which is jointly evaluated by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the General Administration of Customs, and the State Administration of Taxation. In addition to receiving relevant financial support, the selected companies will also have a gathering effect on high-quality talents and advanced technologies. Therefore, the qualification is very strict, and companies must have a provincial-level enterprise technology center for more than two years before they are eligible to declare. Since the implementation of the "Management Measures for Nationally Recognized Enterprise Technology Centers" since 2005, the management department has successively issued a total of 793 enterprises in 18 batches. For the first time this year, the furniture industry was included in the catalogue. The federal government is the only furniture company that has passed the certification, which has created a precedent in the industry and once again proved the status of the federal leader in the industry.

The federal ability to receive this honor is a testament to strength. The Federation is the first batch of "China Well-known Trademarks" and the first batch of "China Famous Brand Products" winners in the industry. It is the vice chairman unit of China Furniture Association and the professional committee member of the National Furniture Standardization Committee. It is also the country hosted or participated in the development of the industry. And the largest number of companies with industry standards. Since the establishment of the Federation, the Federation has deeply branded the mark of independent innovation and independent design. The “Federal Chair”, which was once independently designed, solved the problem of the comfort of traditional Chinese furniture with the design concept of Chinese and Western. It was not only in short supply at the time, but was widely copied. It has been the best-selling product in the furniture market for more than 20 years. Today, the Federation is at the forefront of the industry in five areas: original design, material utilization, coating research, standards development, and engineering. Its "LB-WDS Wood Stability Treatment" technology has completely solved the common problems of cracking and deformation of wood furniture from the source for the first time, and achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in the manufacture of solid wood furniture. In the product coating, the federal government took the lead in the industry to adopt electrostatic coating technology, the adsorption of the coating through static electricity, more than double the paint utilization rate than the traditional way, greatly reducing pollutant emissions, while increasing production efficiency by 60%.

In addition to the design and process leadership, the Federation is at the forefront of the industry in the connection between manufacturing and services. In 2008, the company established the Federal North Headquarters manufacturing/logistics base in Linyi, and introduced IE industrial engineering to create a modern manufacturing control model, which achieved the lowest cost while ensuring product quality. And relying on mature information technology and enterprise-tailored ERP system, the company has opened up the entire supply chain of production, supply and sales, and opened up the deep integration of manufacturing and channel services. From the past passive follow-up, experience-based decision-making to scientific decision-making and market response based on accurate data, and extended to the collaborative management of upstream suppliers and downstream distributors, the scientific "intelligence" based on modern technology has been realized.

The Federal Way is an upgraded model of traditional manufacturing. It proves that an industry with low barriers to entry can also be combined with modern technology to create a systemic soft power of the enterprise and truly achieve a competitive leap. This also answers why the Federation can be the sole representative of the furniture industry and is further recognized by the state on the basis of the provincial technical center. It is reported that the ambitious federation has set clear development goals for the next decade, including moving from domestic leading brands to internationally renowned brands in terms of competitive positioning. It also includes the medium- and long-term goals of its nationally recognized enterprise technology centers. It is necessary to “build a world-class material engineering R&D center, furniture product design and development center, manufacturing engineering technology research center, information technology application research center, and world-class standardization research and testing center”.

The new steps, the new journey, the federation is still moving forward.

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