The difference between spruce and fir

The difference between spruce and fir

The difference between spruce and fir morphology:
1. The spruce leaves are quadrangular strips; the fir leaves are flat strips.
2, spruce has leaf pillow; fir has no leaf pillow, leaves have leaf marks after falling off.
3. In the color of the leaves, the firs are brighter than the spruce, especially in winter.
4. In the tree shape, the first side branches of the spruce are obliquely extended upward, while the secondary side branches are drooping; all the side branches of the fir are almost flat.

Common red spruce, green spruce, and white spruce in the northern spruce, the differences are as follows:
1. The length of the leaves and the degree of the branches are thick and thin: the bark is the weakest, the red spruce is the second, and the white spruce is the thickest.
2, the color of the twig: red spruce is brick red, white spruce is light orange red, and green spruce is grayish white.
3, the color of the leaves: red spruce and bark spruce are dark green, while white spruce is blue-green or gray-green, especially new spring leaves are obvious.
4. Bud scales: The bud scales of the red-skin spruce and the white spruce are rolled, while the bud scales of the green spruce are clinging to the twig.
5, dry: red spruce and white spruce have only one obvious trunk, while the green spruce is often dry.

Common fir and fir in the north of fir, the difference is as follows:
1. Bark: The small pieces of sand pine are cracked and rough, while the stinky fir bark is smooth with white knob-like protrusions and horizontal texture.
2, leaves: sand pine leaves long, apex tip; stinky fir leaves are short, apex has a concave.

Then talk about its application problems:
1. The most widely used in gardens is red-skin spruce, while the green and white pheasants have higher ornamental value and are slightly more expensive.
2. Fir requirements for fertilizer and water are much higher than that of spruce. The survival rate of transplanting is low, and the ornamental characteristics are similar to those of spruce, so few people apply it. The survival rate of spruce transplants is higher.
3. In addition, the red-skin spruce is more resistant to cold and has a natural distribution in the northeast, while the barley and white pelicans are not naturally distributed in the northeast.
4, their common specifications in garden applications are crown width 2-3 meters, height 3-6 meters, with soil transplanting.
5, spruce and fir are shallow rooted species, do not plant in the tuyere. In addition, they are all negative tree species, and should not be planted in places where the sun is too exposed.
6. The ornamental value of spruce lies in its unique crown shape and obvious trunk. Do not injure the top growth point during transplanting. The rules of the customary practice in the garden, the spruce damaged by the "tip" can not be planted!
7. Spruce and fir are not easy to get pests and diseases, but the red spruce in the urban environment is often tarnished by air pollution, and the color is dim. In addition, the red-skin spruce is prone to "burning" phenomenon, the reason is unknown, hope to be expert.

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