Qingdao RAID5 Data Recovery Dasi Technology

Qingdao RAID5 Data Recovery Dasi Technology

Media information:

IBM server

Fault description:

An IBM server in a business unit in Qingdao failed, storing financial data, just arrived at the end of the month, 100,000 urgent, the customer selected Das Technology after consulting several data recovery companies in Beijing, and immediately flew to Beijing on the same day.


After receiving the customer, the first five hard drives were initially tested. The test results showed that three of the hard disks had different levels of bad sectors. Communicate with the customer, the important data is two sets of books, can restore the backup file .BAK or entity database file. MDF can be.

Data recovery process:

Option One:

According to the customer's needs and the urgency of the time, Darth engineers chose to analyze the RAID combination parameters and reorganize the data. If the two sets of books required by the customer are not on the bad sectors, the recovery efficiency will be Greatly improved to avoid spending a lot of time on disk mirroring of the entire disk. After the completion of the reorganization data, the A.BAK backed up on August 28 and the B.BAK on July 28 were successfully verified by the customer site environment, and the data was 100% normal.

Option II:

Communicating with the customer, the last backup of the account set B is July 28th. The latest month's update data is in the physical file B.MDF, but the file is just above the bad sector and cannot be extracted. Prompt for IO error. In this case, only the disk can be cloned. If the disk cloning of the physical disk is time-consuming, it will take a lot of time, and the user can't wait. Dasi technology engineers analyzed the distribution of the database on each disk, selected the local mirroring scheme, determined the starting and ending positions of the mirror, encountered the bad sector JUMP10, and then adjusted the log after the mirroring was completed. The value of JUMP, thus extracting all the sectors that can be extracted.

After the mirroring is completed, the B.MDF file is extracted, and the attachment is unsuccessful in SQL2008. The simple logless attachment and repair are unsuccessful, and the database index table page of the database is damaged. Since there is only a lack of data for the library for nearly one month, and basically in three important tables, the data in all three tables is presented through Darth's SQL repair software, and the data recovery is successful.

Data recovery results:

Restore most of the data

Advice to customers:

If the server fails, do not operate it at will, do server data recovery to find a professional formal data recovery company.

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