After the year, the home is messy and simple affordable coat rack

After the year, the home is messy and simple affordable coat rack

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The home after the year seems to be as clean and tidy as it was before. After a few friends gathering, it should be packed up, but when these coats, scarves and hats are not completely hidden, where should it go? It is not the time to destroy its original appearance, but it can't be too time-consuming to find. Why not consider the coat rack, it is definitely the most lovely assistant for you except the wardrobe .

Coat rack design

Hanging coat long skirt is not wrinkled most common simple coat rack

Q: Why do you recommend a simple coat rack?

A: The simple coat rack uses a relatively flat body to complete the same amount of clothing storage, taking up less space, and more importantly, it has advantages in hanging long clothes. Even if you wear a long coat, don't worry about the clothes being crumpled.

Coat rack storage

Fashion stainless steel coat rack

Brand: In-Vogue/Orge

Price: 88 yuan

Product Comments : This coat rack made of high-quality stainless steel material is compact and lightweight, with a considerable load capacity. The height of the hanging rod can be adjusted freely, making it easy to hang long clothes. The bottom shelf can be used to place shoes or storage boxes to make the most of the space. Four rollers ensure easy movement even when the coat rack is heavy.

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