Bottle packaging needs innovation

Bottle packaging needs innovation

Judging from the current market conditions, the winter of the liquor industry is far from over. In 2014, the liquor industry was running frequently and closed down. This kind of market situation is a heavy blow to the liquor bottle manufacturers who have been struggling in the bottom. Many liquor bottle manufacturers are confused about the market prospects in 2015. How to deal with the current market situation is now shooting manufacturers are most concerned about.

For the current market situation, we believe that the liquor bottle manufacturers should recognize their own strength. For some bottle manufacturers who have previously engaged in simple processing, they do not have the cost advantage of bottle packaging, nor do they have the ability to design and innovate bottle packaging products. Under such circumstances, the living space has been squeezed out when the current market enters the freezing period. For such manufacturers, we suggest that we can launch the bottle packaging market and switch to other product packaging.

For some manufacturers who have the ability to innovate in product packaging, or have a certain scale, they should strengthen the product innovation and upgrade and enhance their strength on the basis of maintaining the existing customer relations, and survive the current winter.


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