2015 new home standards are closely related to you

2015 new home standards are closely related to you

In 2015, there will be more new standards in the home furnishing industry. The national standard for the release of formaldehyde in interior decoration materials, wood-based panels and their products since 2002 has been replaced by the new national standard. The new national standard has entered the approval stage and is a mandatory national standard.

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The new national standard may include: a test method that specifies the formaldehyde emission limit value for different product types, and divides the product into two grades E1 and E2 according to the amount of formaldehyde released. Among them, E1 can be used directly indoors, and E2 must be treated after finishing.

The new national standard for "Ceramic Sheet Sealing Spout" was implemented on December 1, 2014. The new standard limits the amount of metal contaminants released from faucets, and also requires 17 kinds of metal precipitates such as lead, antimony, arsenic and antimony. In addition, water-saving performance and performance have changed. For example, the new national standard has increased the sealing performance requirements of the top spray shower and the hand shower switch, increased the adhesion strength of the plastic substrate coating, and modified the surface corrosion resistance requirements.

For a long time, the biggest problem in the environmental protection of furniture is not that consumers are not willing to detect, but how to achieve detection without destroying or dismantling. Although many consumers suspect that there are environmental problems in furniture, they are worried that it is difficult to defend their rights after the demolition and that the losses will not be compensated.

Under the current standards, the “dryer” method is used for environmental protection testing, and the climate chamber method is used in the draft for comments. The dryer method refers to cutting the furniture into small pieces for testing; the climate chamber law is to place the furniture in the climate chamber and simulate the environment in which the furniture is used, and to achieve the purpose of environmental protection by detecting the air quality in the climate chamber. This test method is closer to the actual use environment of the furniture, the test results will be more scientific and rigorous, and for the consumer, the cost of detecting the furniture is also reduced. In addition, this test method is aimed at a piece of furniture, not a single piece of the sample, the result is more comprehensive and reliable.

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