Chicken interferon (IFN-α) ELISA kit instructions

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This kit can only be used for scientific research, not for medical diagnosis.

Chicken interferon (IFN-.......

Interaction of ink and substrate

Generally speaking, there are only two interactions between ink and substrate. One is the result we hope to have, such as good ink adhesion, abrasion resistance, durability, and color fastness. Sex, and printability, etc. On the contrary, it is an undesirable result. For the printing indus.......

PH test paper / pH test strips

English name: pH test strips
Specification: PH0.5-5.0

Resolution: 0.5PH unit

Packing: 80 strips / box, 10 boxes / carton Character: A paper strip for measuring pH more accurately, its color varies according to the color of the indicator it is impregnated with. The syst.......

Hardness testing method for heat treatment of pit furnace

There are three types of hardness testing standards for pit furnaces, namely three hardness values ​​of Vickers, Rockwell and surface Rockwell. According to the same heat treatment method, the hardness testing method of surface quenching and tempering heat treatment furnace a.......

3D animation training and non-linear rendering training room

3D animation training and non-linear rendering training room

Later multi-functional training room: This training room integrates three functions of 3D animation training room, late non-editing room, and distributed cluster rendering system.

Construction standards: 45 students can t.......