3D animation training and non-linear rendering training room

3D animation training and non-linear rendering training room

3D animation training and non-linear rendering training room

Later multi-functional training room: This training room integrates three functions of 3D animation training room, late non-editing room, and distributed cluster rendering system.

Construction standards: 45 students can take classes at the same time to learn computer 3D animation production, non-editing software operation and 3D animation cluster rendering management software operation.

This classroom mainly completes the following courses:

Basic lessons:

● Computer application: computer application foundation, computer three-dimensional graphics foundation, computer network basic knowledge, etc .;

Professional courses:

● 3D software application: 3D production software application, post-synthesis and special effects;

● 3D modeling design: 3D modeling design, modeling motion laws, 3D animation creation, etc .;

● Non-linear editing: non-editing software application, animation audio and video processing, and post-animation special effect synthesis.

● Cluster rendering technology: 3D animation cluster rendering technology and software application.


● Teaching of 3D animation and game production process: 3D basic knowledge, 3D modeling, animation technology, material technology, lighting technology, rendering technology, dynamics, fluid, 3D animation script, etc .;

● Post-animation non-editing production: A combination of classroom teaching and practical training is adopted. In the practical training class, students solve the key and difficult points of the project by themselves, make a case, and finally master the production method of similar cases. In time, let students conduct a series of comprehensive practical training on topic selection, writing manuscripts, splitting shots, shooting, collecting, editing, music, sound effects, commentary, stunts, and synthesis.

● Cluster rendering software application: Master the application of cluster rendering management software. Through the connection of each practical project, take advantage of cluster rendering and let students master this practical technology that will be widely applied in practical work.

One is the three-dimensional animation training function module:

In recent years, with the development of computer technology, three-dimensional animation production has been widely recognized by the global industry. The release of "Avatar" has not only attracted hundreds of millions of audiences around the world, but also brought huge and profound to the animation production industry. Has even become a milestone in 3D full digital animation. At the same time, due to the greater extensibility and expandability of 3D animation applications than 2D, with the film industry, game industry, construction industry, virtual simulation, 3D TV promotion, etc. The development of 3D animation is inevitable. Three-dimensional animation will inevitably become the main direction of future animation development.

Through this platform, functions can be realized: from hand-drawn version of sub-lens story, three-dimensional rough model, 3D rough model is used to make 3D story version according to script and storyboard story version (including camera camera placement arrangement in the software, basic animation, lens time Customization, etc.), 3D character models, 3D scenes, prop models, 3D model maps, bone skins, split-screen animation, lighting, 3D special effects to basic layered rendering / composition, the whole process is digitized, and the processes are connected It is also implemented on the same platform.

The second is the non-editing function module:

In addition to the complex links in the early and middle stages of film and television animation production, the production of films and television programs that must be broadcast must also go through the later editing and synthesis stages before they can be output into various film and television products that meet the screening requirements.

At present, China's TV program playback mode has basically completed the conversion from analog to digital, and the program format is in the stage of transition from standard definition to high definition. The film projection method is the situation where film copy and digital copy coexist. No matter what projection method is used, think Movies showing high-quality pictures must be edited in a file format of 2K or above in the post-production of the movie to minimize the loss of each frame of image.

According to the actual situation of the school, in teaching, it is necessary to teach students the skills of using the most mainstream and universal professional-grade post-production software in the industry and the practical training of film shooting and recording, and there is no high requirement for the output format of the film. Generally, it can achieve the standard definition playback format. Of course, taking into account the future cooperation between schools and enterprises, a small amount of production may require high-definition or above movies.

After the animation production has completed the previous workflow, it is necessary to complete the post-production. At present, the post-production is done in the non-editing system of the computer. The post-processing procedures used in animation production mainly include: editing, special effect synthesis, audio and video synthesis, color correction, and output. By constructing the platform and combining the actual teaching, the above basic functions can be completed.

The third is the distributed cluster rendering function module:

With the development of animation technology and technology, the requirements for the production details of 3D animations are getting higher and higher, and the time required for rendering in the production process of animation programs is also getting longer and longer. The method of rendering using only PC workstations must not be able to meet The huge amount of calculation in real animation production, so the cluster rendering technology is more and more widely used.

The distributed workstation cluster rendering system is the core of this technology production platform. Using the latest computer technology, it was originally required to use a workstation and a server. The graphics production and animation rendering completed separately can be completed on a single host. The platform is mainly composed of 45 Panxin graphics workstations, which can be flexibly deployed according to different user applications. It can be used as a 3D workstation for animation during the day and rendering services at night. Some machines can also be used as 3D workstations for animation, and some machines can be used for rendering services. Meet the needs of different applications and the most different services to the greatest extent.

At the same time, design and produce a centralized management system and network version application software, taking software with different functions as centralized and unified management. Flexible deployment according to different applications. Through the combination of hardware and software, the resources of the hardware platform are maximized to meet the needs of no production.

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