Basic principles for selecting environmental equipment

When choosing the environment and experimental equipment, we must follow some basic principles to select, so as to have safety and quality assurance. What are the basic principles?

First, the reproduction of environmental conditions, first of all, do not hold the natural environmen.......

Manual of Mouse Norepinephrine (NA) ELISA Kit

Mouse norepinephrine (NA) enzyme-linked immunoassay

Kit instruction manual

This kit is for research use only.

Generic Name: Mouse Norepinephrine (NA) ELISA Kit

purpose of usage:

This kit is used to determine the content of norepinephri.......

Glassy carbon electrode

5mm diameter, anti-corrosion PTFE jacket.
4mm diameter, anti-corrosion Teflon jacket.
Diameter 3mm-3.9mm, anti-corrosion Teflon jacket.
2mm diameter, anti-corrosion Teflon jacket.
Japan imports glassy carbon with guaranteed quality. Electrode jacket: PEEK. Never leak! <.......