What is the use of the test for the thermal shock test chamber for the product?

What is the use of the test for the thermal shock test chamber for the product?

The thermal shock test chamber is divided into a two-box thermal shock test chamber and a three-box thermal shock test chamber. The two-box thermal shock test chamber is divided into a high temperature box, a low temperature box, and the test sample is quickly lifted to the high and low temperature box for testing on the basket; the three box type thermal shock test box is divided into a high temperature box, a low temperature box and a test box. three parts. What role does it play in the product, and why does the product undergo such testing? The following Ai Siwei explained in detail for you:

What is the use of the thermal shock test chamber for testing products?

The thermal shock test chamber is used to test the composite material and material structure, which can be tolerated in a transient environment of high temperature and extremely low temperature, that is, it is tested in the shortest time due to thermal expansion and contraction. Chemical change or physical damage. Applicable objects include metals, plastics, rubber, electronics and other materials, which can be used as a basis or reference for product improvement.

There are dozens of factors influencing the use and life of engineering products (equipment) in the thermal shock test chamber. Engineers engaged in the study of environmental conditions of engineering products classify the environmental conditions induced by nature and human activities into a series of test standards and specifications to guide the environmental and reliability tests of engineering products. Therefore, the main basis for our selection of environmental and reliability test equipment is the test specifications and test standards for engineering products.

Secondly, in order to standardize the tolerance of environmental test conditions in test equipment and ensure the control accuracy of environmental parameters, the national technical supervision agencies and various industrial departments have also formulated a series of verification procedures for environmental test equipment and instruments. These verification procedures are also an important basis for selecting environmental and reliability test equipment. Products that do not meet the requirements of these verification procedures are not allowed to be put into use.

The thermal shock test chamber is widely used in electronics, auto parts, plastics and other industries to test the repeated resistance of various materials to high and low temperatures, and to test the chemical changes or physical damage caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the product. The quality, from precision ICs to heavy mechanical components, does not require its approval.

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