The World Cup is with you in the closet with you

The World Cup is with you in the closet with you

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The four-year World Cup is the constant love of countless football fans! Beijing time officially kicked off on June 13, 2014. This is a grand event, destined for the world to be crazy! The world is crazy, the wardrobe industry is also coming to follow the trend, large and small promotions, just in full swing, let the passion ignite the summer.

Sophia wardrobe

With this World Cup heat wave, Sophia Tmall teamed up with the 8 big city offline stores in the country to set off the “Love the Life of the Carnival Season”, launching unprecedented new product special offers and surprises, and enjoying the world together!

Sophia wardrobe

World Cup recommended wardrobe : Sophia custom wardrobe C3 black narrow belt fabric door wardrobe

World Cup Wardrobe

Material : MDF / fiberboard

Recommended reason : the fineness is full of luxury, as if you are in the comfort of the court life, looking for an elegant and noble quality of life. The large-scale color blocks and lines of the overall wardrobe are heavy and colorful, scattered in a piece of smoked color, such as the sails of the home in the twilight, calm and warm. If the ship passes over the sea, each wave is a free curve, and the atmosphere is very dynamic, bringing vitality to the original home.

Magnetic Book Paper Gift Box


Would you like to have some fake book paper boxes ? Fine imitated book Paper Gift Box  make you mistake it as a real book .

Book paper gift boxes are generally closed by magnetic , but it can be decorative by ribbon tie as well . 

Book paper box can be used for any files such as skincare , lipstick , garment , food , candle and so on ... Also , can be done with hot stamping , embossing , Spot UV or any other finishing.

Book paper gift box are consist of outside case and inside inner box , outside case can be made by machine or hand . For the time being , Cailang is equipped with 1 automatic case-making machine and 1 half-automatic case-making machine . In that case , our maximum production capacity for these book paper gift boxes are around 400K-500k per month .

Cosmetic/garment book gift paper box

MOQ : 1000 pcs                    
Payment Term: 30% deposit , 70% balance before delivery ; Alibaba Trade Assurance .
Maximum production capacity : 300K per month.

Sample lead time: 7-8 days.

To get a quotation , please feel free to contact us anytime .

Magnetic Book Paper Gift Box

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