Taiwan developed a continuous roll screen printing machine

Taiwan developed a continuous roll screen printing machine

According to overseas media reports, in order to meet the needs of transparent and opaque soft roll raw material suppliers, Taiwan Jinhe Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a CNC automatic continuous roll screen printing machine and an innovatively designed single-mode printing and positioning system that can be self-adhesive. Trademarks, paper, transfer paper, OPP-PVC, aluminum foil and other high quality screen printing.

According to Zhong Jinshan, Chairman of Jinhe Machinery, the CNC automatic continuous screen printing press adopts a dual axis connection auxiliary motor device and a color screen. The operation is simple, the speed is fast, and the printing is more accurate; the printing scraper seat uses an auxiliary motor and a precision linear slide. The rails make the printing more stable; in addition, the single-mode printing and positioning system can be used to perform high-quality screen printing of high-volume raw materials for soft and multi-mode printing positioning, and the gas-injection shafts are used for the receiving and discharging structures, which makes loading and unloading easy. Make sure the raw material does not slip. In addition, the printing lift plate has an adsorption function and a blowing device to make the printing and conveying smoother, and has multiple printing functions and punching devices.

The company also produces CNC automatic glazing, stamping, cutting machine, SCR control high-temperature paint drying machine, pneumatic automatic screen printing machine, CNC automatic album, stamp collection machine and automatic high-speed slitter.

Source of information: pack.cn

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