Solid wood flooring has soft and hard points, different textures, different foot feelings

Solid wood flooring has soft and hard points, different textures, different foot feelings

Solid wood flooring will vary in texture and properties due to its choice of materials. It is not difficult to understand from the soft and hard words, what is the difference between them. The following small series will analyze the characteristics of cork flooring and hardwood flooring.

Solid wood flooring is a floor made of wood, mostly of the tongue-and-groove floor, which is easier to install. More than half of the floor in the market is a finished (painted) finished floor, commonly referred to as "painted board". The lacquered board is processed, painted and dried in the factory, and the quality is high. It is generally not easy to achieve the quality level of the paint. After the lacquer plate is installed, it is no longer necessary to plan, polish and paint the surface. Solid wood flooring is divided into hardwood and cork flooring by wood texture.

1. Hardwood floor:

The hardwood floor has a hard texture, fine texture, good wear resistance and elasticity. Can achieve dry, clean and beautiful results.

The wood used for ordinary hardwood floors includes koji, birch, walnut, eucalyptus, jellyfish, eucalyptus, etc. The wood used for high-grade wood flooring is cherry wood, longan, and citron.

2, cork flooring:

It is mainly made of pine, fir (cedar, hemlock, etc.) and cypress. The cork flooring looks warm and elastic. However, the wear resistance is poor. If it is not dry enough, it is more deformed and cracked.

Recommendation: For consumers with old people and children at home, a soft cork flooring will be more suitable.

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