"Sexy + dynamic", dual "feel" the new charm of outdoor sports e-commerce

"Sexy + dynamic", dual "feel" the new charm of outdoor sports e-commerce

"Sexy + dynamic", dual "feel" under the new charm of outdoor sports e-commerce Date:2016-03-11 14:41

The pace of urban life is fast, and the environment of contact is monotonous. Every day, the two-point line of life between home and company often makes urban white-collar workers feel tired. They are eager to release pressure and regulate their mood. Therefore, outdoor sports are increasingly known and selected by more and more young people. People embrace nature from outdoor sports, regain vitality and challenge themselves.

It is also due to the unique charm of outdoor sports that formed the industry culture of the outdoor sports industry.

The first is persistence and transcendence. Outdoor sports is a kind of sports. The sports spirit will inevitably affect every outdoor enthusiast. It is reflected in the operation of the industry. It is a kind of superior resilience and strength; the second is professional literacy. Outdoor sports is a kind of highly technical sports. The pursuit of outdoor sports requires a high degree of professionalism, which in turn affects the outdoor related industries, and respects the universality of the profession. The third is to treat nature naturally. Outdoor sports and the natural world are integrated into one. To devote themselves to outdoor sports, there must be a respect and protection for nature; the fourth is equal music. Outdoor sports allow dispersed individuals to collaborate with each other and share the joy of sports.

As a company with more than 10 years of experience in outdoor supplies business, Shanghai Sundino Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to showcasing the appeal of outdoor sports. In addition to the culture of the outdoor sports industry, the brand name Actionfox also has its own characteristics. The Actionfox brand originates from Norway, a Nordic country, and is also known as the Happy Fox. Major hats, gloves, running clothes, multi-functional face, sunglasses, outdoor backpacks and other clothing accessories. Taking outdoor, leisure, sports, comfort and function as the mainstream features, there is no lack of trendy, fashionable and avant-garde qualities.

Actionfox focuses on building a sexy and dynamic brand identity. This is a way of life, it is a kind of attitude towards life. For over two decades, Actionfox has always adhered to a high level of professional design, pursuing individuality, leading fashion, interpreting European classic colors and patterns, and always choosing advanced fabrics for sewing. In Actionfox's design and development, designers must take into account functional fabrics, pop colors, and fashion tailoring every year in new product development. Each season's new products are woven together by Actionfox designers, and thus have gained more outdoor. Sports enthusiasts of all ages.

In 2016, there was a new breakthrough in Sporting Products.

The company chose to use the distribution king system of the Shopex Group to move the traditional offline ordering model online. This move has greatly reduced manpower, material resources, and time costs. It has avoided the rush of dealers around its offline sites and released more resources to invest in brand building and maintenance. Targeted to meet the company's ordering needs.

Sundino promises to be customer-oriented and enterprising and enterprising business philosophy, while at the same time insisting on focusing on the brand image so that users who enjoy sports enjoy more fun and experience brought by outdoor sports. Shopex, as a professional e-commerce service and technology provider with similar concepts, will continue to adhere to help all types of users realize their e-commerce dreams.

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