SafewaySelect launches drum-shaped ice cream

SafewaySelect launches drum-shaped ice cream

Safeway Select thinks its high-end ice cream packaging is comparable to branded packaging that has already been approved in the market. Lack of sufficient visual appeal does not allow consumers to have the desire to personally taste. So replaced the design company. Trying to incorporate more consumer-focused elements into the packaging pattern. And expressed the product's personality." Designers redesigned. In the ice cream bucket with a diamond pattern instead of the previous golden stripes. At the same time also hired a well-known photographer in the United States. Shoot the ice cream to life so that consumers have a strong desire to eat Different colors on the ice cream bucket background. It represents the taste of ice cream.

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Multi- activity Design- provide 3 different surfaces to climb, rub, scratch and relax; 2-sized holes recall cat`s exploring instincts. (Hide the toy to increase the interests.)With 3 vertical sides (2 sides visible), it allows two or more cats to play at the same time,It entices cats with catnip, promote them to scratch, attracts them to play inside bell-balls.

Double Ball Bell Cat Scratching Board

Double Ball Bell Cat Scratching Board,Sturdy Recycled Materials Scratcher,Cat Scratcher With Bell-Balls

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