Research on Key Technologies of Packaging Container Transport Simulation (6)

Research on Key Technologies of Packaging Container Transport Simulation (6)

4.3 Dynamic Transfer Characteristics of Packaging Containers

Fig. 10 shows the comparison of the acceleration curves of the attachment points of the bag belt and the car plate (three points A, B, and C in the figure) and the center of mass of the product (points D and E in the figure). It can be seen from the figure that the change in the acceleration of the product is smaller than the change in the acceleration at the connection point between the strap and the flat panel of the car. This is because shock absorbing parts such as foam and rubber in the packaging container absorb a part of vibration energy.

5 Conclusion

1) The numerical simulation technology of automobile transportation can predict the stress of products and packaging containers during transportation, and provide basis for structural optimization design of products and packaging containers;

2) Develop a finite element model of commonly used transport vehicles as a virtual transport test platform that can be used to test the transport characteristics of different products;

3) The use of numerical simulation techniques in the early stages of product development can help reduce the number of transport tests, reduce test costs, shorten product development cycles, and increase productivity. Most of the data needed during product transport can be obtained through numerical simulation.

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