Opportunities and challenges coexist in the fertilizer packaging machine market has a path to follow

Opportunities and challenges coexist in the fertilizer packaging machine market has a path to follow

Introduction: There is a tongue twister about fertilizer, which will wrap us into the world of chemical fertilizers. Fertilizers will volatilize, black fertilizers will be gray, gray fertilizers will be black, black fertilizers will be grayed out, and gray fertilizers will be black and black fertilizers will be volatilized. Graying will fly; gray fertilizer will evaporate and black will fly.

The fertilizer packaging machine market, like this tongue twister, seems to be a crisis, but has its own way out.

Fertilizer packaging scale market opportunities and challenges coexist

We all know that in the process of building goods, the first thing we must do is to keep up with the needs of the development of the times. In today's green living environment, we also pay more attention to the green and healthy development of fertilizer packaging scale products. .

To create a green brand of products from every detail of the products, we also make a little contribution to the work of strengthening the recycling of green resources. On the packaging of our products, let the automatic packaging machine better help us. The realization of green products on the packaging, the development of green economy is the theme of our current life, and also the mainstream direction of our development of automatic packaging machines.

1. The packaging machinery should fix the product label in obvious parts and indicate the main technical parameters necessary for the normal operation of the machine or equipment, such as: rated current and voltage, rated pressure and thermal temperature.

2. The safety requirements of the hydraulic transmission system on the packaging machinery shall comply with the provisions of GB3766. The safety requirements of the pneumatic system shall comply with the provisions of GB7932.

3. The safety requirements for packaging machinery electrical equipment should comply with the relevant provisions of GB5226 standard.

4. The dangerous parts of the packaging machinery that may cause personal injury must take corresponding safety measures. For moving parts, such as clamping, shearing, etc., the safety distance must be ensured between the moving parts to prevent the operator from being pinched or cut. Transport devices that can be dangerous should be placed in the body as much as possible. Exposed components that rotate, move or reciprocate that affect personal safety must be protected. The exposed locating members or projections on the moving parts must be smooth or protected.

5. Parts that may be loose during mechanical operation must have reliable anti-loose measures.

6. The packaging machinery needs to discharge waste and smoke. Corresponding devices should be installed to avoid harm to the operator.

7. The packaging machine only requires the steering mark to be made on the motor or at the appropriate part when the motor is unidirectionally rotated.

8. When personnel enter the work area is in great danger, safety protection devices should be installed in the work area. When the guard isolates the entire working area of ​​the packaging machine, the hazardous parts in the work area can be left without additional guards. Work area guards should be set up to ensure a safe distance.

9. Packaging machinery that needs to be operated or set up off the ground shall be provided with a platform complying with the relevant standards and a ladder and protective railings leading to the platform.

10. The packaging machinery working mechanism shall have interlock protection to stop the machine or equipment when the fault occurs.

11. The packaging machinery should generally be equipped with a safety switch. In any emergency, press this switch to stop the machine to avoid accidents.

12. When the machine or equipment enters the state of motion, it is necessary to remind all personnel to leave the dangerous area in time. The packaging machine should be equipped with a warning device.

13. The packaging machinery should have clear and eye-catching manipulation, lubrication, safety or warning signs. The safety color and safety signs shall comply with the provisions of GB2893 and GB2894, and the graphic symbols in the signs shall comply with the relevant standards or regulations.

14. The safe operating mechanism of the packaging machinery should be located at an operator's easy to operate and control position.

15. Packaging machinery operating in a flammable and explosive environment shall have reliable protective measures and comply with relevant standards or regulations.

The development of the industry, the variety of packaging machinery and equipment is also very much, and the various problems and details on the packaging of the products are constantly improving and perfecting. This is also the period of economic prosperity, the prosperity of the packaging machinery industry. Rong also made a little contribution to the industry, but in the past, there was no very systematic and complete equipment for the packaging of fertilizer products to package such easily leaking products. It is a technical limitation, and it is also the property of our products that makes the development in the limits of technology not much progress.

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