One of the innovative applications of the hot stamping process

One of the innovative applications of the hot stamping process

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the packaging of goods, hot stamping as a commonly used means of packaging and finishing processing has achieved rapid development, its process technology has become increasingly perfect, and there have been some new forms of application. However, due to many factors in the actual application, there will still be some more difficult problems. This article analyzes the problems that occur in the production process for some special hot stamping methods and hopes to inspire the personnel who are involved in the hot stamping work.

Hot stamping on the surface of composite paper

As we all know, hot stamping on the surface of white cardboard is relatively easy. Most hot stamping foils can obtain a good hot stamping effect on the surface, and the requirements for hot stamping foils are not high. Most operators can easily solve various problems in hot stamping by simply pressing and tempering the hot stamping plate. However, the hot stamping of the composite paper puts higher requirements on the performance of the hot stamping foil. It is imperative to correctly understand and deal with the relationship between the composite paper and the hot stamp foil. The following analysis mainly from two aspects.

1. Surface tension of composite paper

There are many kinds of composite papers. At present, there are mainly PET film papers, aluminum foil papers, aluminum spray papers, and transfer papers. The surface tension of these composite materials is different, which directly affects the hot stamping effect and the normal operation of the hot stamping process. Therefore, the problem of hot stamping on such papers cannot be solved by simple adjustment of process parameters. From the analysis of the characteristics of composite paper and the performance of hot stamping foil, the surface tension of composite paper stamping can be roughly solved by the following methods.

(1) External assistance method

Choose a hot stamp foil based on the surface properties of the paper. It is mainly through the technical force of hot stamping foil manufacturers to solve the hot stamping problem. Under normal circumstances, hot stamping foil manufacturers will solve the hot stamping problem by adjusting the adhesive layer of the hot stamping foil according to the properties of the surface of the composite paper.

(2) Take the initiative

The surface of the composite paper is treated to change its surface tension to meet the requirements of the hot stamp foil. One of the methods is to coat a thin layer of colorless varnish on the surface of the paper, which may be applied in an integral or partial manner depending on the circumstances.

(3) Coordination with each other

When the above two methods alone cannot solve the hot stamping problem, the external assistance method can be combined with the active attack method to solve the hot stamping problem.

2. Kinds of composite paper

There are various kinds of composite papers, and their physical properties are also different. In solving the problem of hot stamping of such papers, it is also necessary to pay attention to the different requirements of various composite materials on the properties of hot stamping materials. According to different papers, different hot stamping foils are used. The appropriate temperature range of the hot stamping foil adhesive layer is also selected according to the type of composite material, so that the hot stamping can be performed under the best condition. For example, when printing on PET film, the temperature is lower than that on aluminum foil.

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