Military Packaging System Engineering: The Only Way (Part 2)

Military Packaging System Engineering: The Only Way (Part 2)

Because in the past, during the equipment demonstration, there was no mention of packaging requirements and there was no direct experience to learn from. In this regard, we still need to continuously explore in practice. The requirements for packaging are mainly based on: first, the composition of the equipment, operational use process, environmental conditions, etc.; second, the maintenance and management system requirements of the military; third, the experience and lessons of the in-service equipment in combat use; and fourth, the relevant national military standards. The request.

The main contents of the Outline include:
(1) Define the objectives and scope of work for the development of packaging, storage and transportation equipment.

(2) Selection, improvement, and need to re-pack the list of equipment storage and transportation.

(3) Determine the design requirements of the packaging equipment.

(4) Put forward the design guidelines for packaging equipment.

(5) Determine the design guidelines for spare parts packaging.

"Outline" is the implementation of the ordering party's packaging and transportation requirements, the results of the system engineering pre-system analysis, is the basic document to guide the design of packaging equipment, trial production, testing, identification and stereotypes, is the equipment development task book and design task book component. Once the "Syllabus" has been approved, it has directive significance. The "Outline" is dynamic, that is, at the stage of the proposal, the system of the contractor's designer is based on the requirements of the ordering party and the overall design of the equipment, and the preparation of the "previously similar equipment packaging equipment development experience and prediction of technological development" Outline. "Outline" should follow the in-depth development of design, development and accumulation of experience, through the implementation of the inspection, phase assessment, but also should be gradually added, refined, and constantly improve. The "Outline" for large-scale and complex weapon systems should be hierarchical. That is, the system, sub-systems, and equipment at all levels should, according to their own specific conditions (including the requirements of the main contractor), compile the “Outline” with appropriate coverage, varying degrees of thickness, and different contents. The harmonious relationship between them.

According to this requirement and method, the packaging equipment purchased by the ordering party can obtain the following obvious advantages in military and economic aspects:

a. Ensure that the packaging equipment matches the equipment;

b. Ensure that the troops receive timely, economical and effective packaging equipment, and that once the equipment is equipped, they can be matched to form operational capabilities;

c. The packaging is matched with the logistics support of the army (mainly refers to the equipment maintenance requirements), and the secondary packaging of the troops is reduced;

d. To avoid certain aspects higher than the actual needs and to reduce waste.

IV. Countermeasures for advancing military packaging system engineering From the effect of the implementation of standards in recent years, there is still a long way to go before it reaches the goal. There are three main gaps: First, the implementation of the organization is not enough, the lack of guidance from the authority's regulatory documents; Second, the basic theory of the implementation of packaging systems engineering is not enough, lack of necessary technical support; Third, the construction of packaging information systems can not keep up, the lack of Necessary means. In order to achieve the objectives defined by the implementation of the military packaging system project, the following aspects should be done at present.

First, the Military Packaging Committee, together with relevant departments, organized the formulation of the "Rules for the Implementation of Military Packaging System Projects", which was promulgated and implemented jointly by the General Logistics Department, the General Armament Department, and the National Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense. The document should clearly stipulate the demonstration, development, and production of packaging materials for military equipment and materials; the respective duties, tasks, work contents, and requirements of the use departments.

Second, strengthen basic theoretical research on military packaging. The content of the study should include at least:
(1) Conduct research on the implementation of military packaging system projects by the U.S. military. Provide experience that can be learned in order to avoid detours and improve the starting point of research.

(2) Carry out research on our army's existing packaging resources in order to fully understand military conditions, national conditions, and make full use of existing packaging resources.

(3) Research on product packaging characteristics. The research of product packaging characteristics is an important comprehensive and basic research topic in the field of packaging engineering. It plays a very important role in breaking through the traditional packaging design viewpoint, simplifying the packaging design, and improving the degree of generalization of product packaging.

(4) Organize the preparation of the national military standard "compilation and application of military packaging requirements". This work should be carried out on the basis of research on product packaging characteristics. The purpose of preparing this standard is to provide technical support for the demonstration, development, production, setting, and inspection of military packaging. Once the tactical technical indicators and operational requirements of military equipment are determined, the corresponding packaging requirements and implementation methods can be quickly identified through this standard.

Third, research and development of the “Decisioning and Consulting System for Military Packaging Projects” will provide a quick and effective service for the implementation of the military bagging system project. The system should meet the following requirements:

(1) Provide packaging information consultation and processing services for packaging management and research institutions at all levels, that is, the system can provide users with packaging information consulting functions.

(2) In signing contracts during the demonstration and procurement of military equipment, equipment and supplies, the departments in charge of model development, ordering, etc. shall formulate comprehensive, scientific, and reasonable packaging requirements. That is, the system can provide the user with the package request assistant decision function.

(3) In the course of development of military equipment, equipment, and material packaging, an optimized design plan is provided to guide the specific implementation of packaging design and packaging improvement work, that is, the system has an auxiliary decision-making function of optimizing the packaging design scheme.

V. Conclusion

System engineering has been widely used in various engineering fields and has achieved remarkable results. Because its application in the field of packaging engineering has just begun, the effectiveness has not yet been fully demonstrated. As long as we continue to explore, constantly improve, and gradually accumulate experience, this universally applicable scientific method will certainly promote the improvement of the level of military packaging work and promote the continuous development of military packaging.

Author/(Yan Yuming Yang Baozhong)

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