Italian Tierya solid wood wardrobe is calm and stylish and more environmentally friendly

Italian Tierya solid wood wardrobe is calm and stylish and more environmentally friendly

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] wardrobe is the best girlfriend of a woman, if there is a suitable wardrobe in the home, it not only solves the clothing storage but also adds a favorite landscape. Solid wood wardrobes have always been a model of high-end furniture. If you want high-quality living, you must have a solid wood wardrobe. Because the solid wood wardrobe has the characteristics of durability, beauty and naturalness, even if the price of the solid wood wardrobe is high, it is still popular. Today we want to introduce this Italian Tierya solid wood wardrobe, environmentally friendly and durable, work fine, let us evaluate this solid wood wardrobe together to see if it can withstand our test.

Italian Tierya solid wood wardrobe

Italy Diliya solid wood wardrobe evaluation

Italy Diliya solid wood wardrobe evaluation
Evaluation brand
Evaluation product
Solid wood wardrobe
Main substrate
Solid wood panel
Evaluation project
Appearance, sheet, craft, hardware

Diriya wardrobe

Italian Diriya Solid Wood Wardrobe - Plate

Wardrobe evaluation

Made of pure solid wood, this wardrobe retains the benefits of natural wood. The surface is smooth and smooth, the physical and mechanical strength is high, the dimensional stability is good, the cracking is not easy, the bending resistance and the moisture resistance are strong.

Italian Tierya solid wood wardrobe

The wood grain is clearly visible, the real and realistic woody feeling, the overall color is soft and the luxurious temperament, which caters to people's return to nature, the original taste.

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