How to check the quality of cork flooring

How to check the quality of cork flooring

1. When selecting the cork floor, first check whether the sanding surface of the floor is smooth, whether there are bulging particles, and whether the cork particles are pure.

2. See if the length of the cork floor is straight. The method is: take 4 pieces of the same floor, spread it on the glass, or on the flat ground, and assemble it to see if it is seamed.

3. Inspect the bending strength of the board surface by folding the two diagonal lines of the floor to see if there is a crack on the curved surface, and no quality product.

4. Glue strength test. Put the small sample into the boiling water and find that the smooth surface of the sanding becomes the same as the suede, the uneven surface, the product is a non-conforming product, and the quality product has no obvious change on the surface of the boiling water.

Other characteristics of cork flooring:

1. The softness of cork flooring means that its flexibility is very good. Therefore, the service life of the cork flooring is very long, and the wear layer unique to the surface layer will not crack or break for at least 20 years.

2, there is a sense of warmth, if you walk barefoot on the cork floor, it will feel much warmer than walking on the solid wood floor or laminate floor.

3, cork flooring is a real environmentally friendly product, not only the product itself is green and non-polluting, and because the raw materials of cork are regenerative, each tree can be stripped once in 9 years, so there is no damage to forest resources.

4. Bugs are not at all interested in cork flooring, whether in the wet Mediterranean or in the dry African continent, there is no record of cork floor insects.

PET/PVC Pillow Packaging Box

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