Hold me like "big white", warm! LA SPORTIVA CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET Down Jacket Test Report

Hold me like "big white", warm! LA SPORTIVA CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET Down Jacket Test Report

The movie "Super Marines" made people understand "big white". People love him because of the love, softness, cure, and warmth of a person. I also had the illusion that I was embraced by Dabai and brought me warmth and happiness in the cold wind and winter. I also imagined that there was a big white to accompany me on the plateau to appreciate the most beautiful Haizi in the world, to find our past and present life; I also had Fantasy had a big white on the dark night with my brightest star in a few days. But unfortunately, the white in my life has not yet appeared. . . . . .

People all say that God has closed a door for you and will open a window for you. So, fortunately, my "big white" life has come. Outdoors in the mountains, he always warms me and protects my body, so that I do not fear the cold wind and go to the plateau. My outdoor white is La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET down jacket.

Before the text on the previous paragraph, this trip to LA SPORTIVA contributed, we feel the momentum from Italy.

Mentioning La Sportiva everyone is most familiar with his family's shoes. La Sportiva is from Italy and has a history of nearly 90 years. It is the world's top outdoor sports footwear brand. Its climbing and hiking shoes are of the highest quality. La Sportiva's product line includes all footwear required for outdoor sports, from climbing over 8,000 meters of professional boots, mountain climbing through the required hiking shoes, mountain trail running shoes, rock climbing shoes and more.

First, we briefly review the history of La Sportiva:

Narciso Delladio produced leather boots in the 1920s with great craftsmanship to provide lumberjacks and hunters in Italy's Fassa and Fiemme regions, and won the recognition of many consumers!

To avoid too much text, look at the picture.

Thanks for the cool trust of equipment, so that I can test

Second, experience product information

Brand:LA SPORTIVA Item No.:C54BE Product Name:Ladies Down Jacket Executive Standard:GB/T 14272-2011 Security Category:GB18401-2010 Composition: Fabric 1: 57% Spandex 43% Polyester Fabric 2: 100% Polyamide, Lining : 100% Nylon Filler: Goose Down (90% Cashmere) Lint Filling: 143.6g Color: Berry Red BERRY Type: 160/88A (S) Product Grade: Qualified Product Date of Production: June 15, 2015 Place of Origin : Vietnam Fujian Rath Petitel Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. Address: 1607, Building 3, Zhubang 2000, No. 98 Xi Li Zili, Chaoyang District, Beijing Zip: 100025

Third, experience product functionality, details show presentations

It was amazing to get this La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET down jacket. The combination of strawberry red and bright yellow gives people the feeling of warmth and sunshine. Touch it with hands, soft and comfortable, no foreign body sensation. Explain that the filler is of high quality down; flatten the down jacket and press with hand, the rebound is rapid, indicating that the duvet is high in fluffyness; the hands are rubbing down jacket and there is no drilling phenomenon, indicating that the fabric is resistant to drilling; the nose is close to the down jacket to breathe deeply and no smell Odor, indicating good velvet quality and excellent manufacturing process. There is also a feeling that it is "hungry"! This properly matched "tomato scrambled egg" ah! What do you think?

For the evaluation of a down jacket, some basic concepts still need to be scrutinized. Insiders and old donkeys automatically skip Kazakhstan.

First of all, we must talk about the principle of down warmth. Down is a three-dimensional structure, and it is very fluffy, so the same weight of down can be fixed more air than other materials, such as cotton. A large number of down filaments are intertwined to fix the air. And form a protective layer of insulation, so as to achieve a good thermal performance.

The down jacket's warmth can not be separated from the three major elements, fluffiness, filling amount and outer fabric.

1, Filling Power (Filling Power)

The standard definition for fluffiness is the number of cubic inches of volume per ounce (30 grams) of feathers under certain conditions. In a language that humans can understand, it's just like the weight of a down duvet. The bigger it gets, the bigger it gets, and the more air it holds, the warmer it is. When we bought clothes, we saw 700F, 800F in the introduction, which is the degree of bulkiness. However, one thing to note is that the degree of loftiness only represents the warmth of the down, but it does not represent the warmth of the down jacket. Even if it is 1000 fluffy fluff, only giving you 10 grams is only enough to be a warm underwear. (Have you ever said that the down panties don't really pull out the dice? Haha, kidding.) So if a down jacket is warm or not, you have to look at the amount of down-filling.

2, the amount of cashmere

As the name suggests, the amount of stuffed down is the amount of stuffed down. Since the amount of velvet is more warm, how much more can Gabon not do? However, this is not the case. Both of these have some meaning of mutual restraint. This amount of stuffing is not what the manufacturer wants to fill in. The higher the number of down products, the more easily the feathers are scattered and fall, causing temperature imbalance. Even if it is possible to fill in the down canopy, the higher the amount of down-filling, the larger the volume of the down jacket and the more like a balloon, so in order to be beautiful and easy to compress and carry, the amount of high loft pile down will not be very high. You don't want to look like you're sleeping in a sleeping bag, right? (Except special climbing jackets with a special environment of more than 8000M), this causes a common phenomenon in down products. The higher the number of padded products, the lower the amount of down-filled products. For example: a mouse's 650 Peng, filling the amount of 220g. The 999 Peng Peng face, the amount of filling down 40g.

3, outer fabric

Feather downlight, high compression rate, but the dispersion is also high. So this requires an outer fabric to lock it firmly. The outer fabric used by most outdoor brands is the ripstop nylon fabric produced by Pertex, UK. The thickness is represented by "D", such as 10D, 20D, the bigger and thicker the number, the stronger it is. To sum up, the higher the number of products, the lower the amount of filling, the thinner the finished product, and the lower the degree of sturdiness. This is why the 800-pong product is generally used as the middle layer, and the 600-pang-750-peng product is mostly used for the outer layer.

With so much saliva, I just wanted to pave the way for this La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET. This down jacket has all the elements of a good down jacket, lightweight, warm, high-quality European goose down padding, with patented Spirex technology materials, combined with humidity management and breathability, put on this down jacket allows you to always in the cold season Keep warm, it feels like big white holds you from behind.

La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET adopts the European high quality white goose down standard EN12934 & EN12935. Cashmere content is 90%. This information is clearly marked on the inside of the clothes. The European Goose icon is very eye-catching and is a guarantee of quality. Why is Europe's goose down good? I don't have much to say here. 70% of the goose down on the market is now from China and 30% from other sources. The same number of goose down and different origins, the price is much different. The use of European goose down is another embodiment of La Sportiva's aristocratic quality.

La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET With 700 white goose down to ensure the bulkiness, it has proven to be very compressive and quick to rebound. With 143.6g of stuffing volume, even in cold weather, it will keep you warm. As shown in the figure, 143.6g of stuffing volume appears to be very thick.

The complete clothing design concept is the cornerstone of a good garment. La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET is worth mentioning is the underarm filler material. Fill the 140g Primaloft under the armpit.

Brief introduction Primaloft, Primaloft is a super soft water-repellent microfiber, it is a good alternative to down fiber, it is light, with the soft and warm feel of feather fiber. This fiber was produced by Al-bany International of the United States. The product was developed because the U.S. military needs a substitute for down fiber. This alternative can dry quickly after being wet and it also has a warm feeling when wet. . For this reason, the inventors began to study the physical and thermal properties of down fibers, and finally developed a product that can be replaced by millions of microfibers that can be aggregated together like down fibers to replace down fibers.

Primaloft is ideally suited for use in wet and snowy weather, and is therefore widely used in high-quality ski gloves, sleeping bags and clothing fillings. Some of the top clothing brands use it as a filler for clothing, La. Sportiva fills the underarms with this material, which not only guarantees the temperature, but also prevents the moisture in the sweat from being discharged to wet the down and reduce the warmth. La Sportiva uses Primaloft to fill in the armpits, which is a manifestation of connotation quality.

Pay attention to this black part and fill it with Primaloft

The Primaloft is filled with one lap, which effectively prevents the moisture in the game from wetting down and keeps the warmth down. "Born for sports" La Sportiva designers really did!

La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET The main fabric (in the red part of the garment) is made of 20D tear-resistant nylon, which is windproof and waterproof and ensures the fabric strength while being light and lightweight.

Upper arm and hood with 100% elastic nylon fabric (yellow in clothing)

The cuffs and underarms wear more during the wear process. In order to ensure the service life of the clothing, a mixed fabric of 85% nylon and 15% elastic fiber is used at the cuffs and armpits, reflecting the designer's intentions.

The main zipper on the chest adopts a two-way slit design. The benefits of the two-way zipper are self-evident. When sitting down, the zipper can be pulled up and sit down more comfortably. The inner pocket zipper pulls up the zipper is also very convenient; It can also be ventilated when it is hot during exercise. All zippers use YKK's zipper, zipper easy to pull smooth. YKK is the originator of the zipper industry and represents the industry standard. Because of the precise technology, raw materials and management methods used in Japan, the YKK price is about 10 times that of other brand zippers.

The inside of the main zip on the chest is equipped with a windbreak, which extends up to the zipper head, with a yellow press on the edge of La Sportiva. The work exquisitely demonstrates the brand culture.

Zipper head is designed for Baotou, which is safe and delicate. Prevents the zipper from pulling too far, and also prevents the meat from being caught in the neck. The woman prevents the hair from being caught, and the ultra-fine fleece fabric used to ensure comfort.

The person's head is where the nerve center is located. Although the skin on the head is thin, the blood vessels and hair are numerous and thick. Therefore, the body's calories often evaporate from the head. Medical research has found that people who do not wear caps in their resting state, when the ambient temperature is 15°C, dissipate heat from the head and account for 30% of the total body heat, and the total heat loss at 4°C accounts for 60%. Visible head warmth is a top priority. The designer of La Sportiva knows this principle well, so the thermal design of this feather down hat is unique.

La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET adopts a one-piece hood. The top-hat elastic adjustment system is designed for drawstrings. It can be adjusted with one hand and is easy and fast. The drawstring is a hidden design.

The heightening of the collar and the tight fitting of the top of the hat make the hat tightly wrapped and tightly wrapped. It protects the wind and warmth, protects the head and does not cause inconvenience to the head.

The inner layer of the raised collar is in contact with the crotch area using ultrafine fleece to increase comfort.

Elasticated fabrics are used at the brim to make a windproof skirt. After wearing the hat, the skirt and forehead fit perfectly to improve the windproof and warmth.

Wind skirt wear effect chart

After wearing a good headgear, everyone can see that the parcel is very tight and it does not feel a trace of coldness. However, there is also a drawback. It is not a disadvantage, but I leave a pit. Guess?

The warmth of the head can not be improved by just warming the head. La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET also has a drawstring design on both sides of the hem to prevent it from rising from the bottom to enhance warmth.

I used to understand down jackets, warm design is enough here, but La Sportiva's designers let me know that thermal design can also be done to the extreme. That is, there are two hidden drawstring designs in both sides of the pocket. Pulling this drawstring tightly equals double insurance for windbreaks and firmly locks the warmth of the upper body.

In addition to improving warming, the drawstring design of the inner pocket waist has another effect. It is to make the down coat and the body more fit. In the exercise process, the clothing is united and the flexibility of the exercise is increased. The down jacket is removed from bulkiness and bloated. This reminds me of its slogan "2.0 upgrade version of outdoor sportswear for fall/winter", which shows that La Sportiva's designers are very accurate in positioning, "designed for sports" whether you are climbing, ice or skiing La Sportiva Autumn and winter clothing makes you warm and flexible.

This inner pocket waist drawstring design also has a third effect, that is, after the tension is very significant waist, from the appearance can be seen that this down jacket is ordinary tailoring is not self-cultivation, but this little DrawString pull a pull out Curve. Once again lamented the designer's intentions and wisdom, an inner pocket waist drawstring design, can be described as one stone three birds, high! It is high!

Turning over to see this yellow rubber band, "one stone with three birds" design!

Draw a tight tie with the hem to see if it is full of waist?

In front of the two hand pockets, invisible zipper, glazed pull grain smooth and very texture, with La Sportiva icon LOGO printed on it, the details determine the success or failure of a brand, a small colloidal pull tablets let us see La Sportiva from Italy The manufacturing attitude.

Can make people have a deep memory, there is also a clear feature of performance, La Sportiva's designer knows this well, that is the shoulder LOGO style. This reflective shoulder brand LOGO has become a family feature of the LA SPORTIVA collection.

After watching it, let's take a look at the inside and see if it is just like a watch or a watch.

The inside is very nice to see, and the La Sportiva big LOGO catches the eye. Below the big LOGO is a large pocket. Turning over it is a compressed collection bag. The design is reasonable and easy to carry after storage.

Accommodated in a compression bag rendering, the European standard 700 is quite compressible. Like a stuffed down sleeping bag, it's okay to stuff it in from one end. Don't be afraid to wrinkle and open it. When the wind blows down and touches the air, it fluffs up, quickly smoothing the folds. La Sportiva logo is everywhere. In the details of the intentions of showing a rigorous business style.

On the left, there is a large pocket of an open elastic mesh bag that can hold miscellaneous items.

What is a good design? I think it is intimate. La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET is designed with a media pocket with an earphone hole inside. You can listen to talking while climbing, and of course you can listen to the "full of life" to practice the life in full bloom. Intimate works, like one!

For everyone to see clearly, use the reverse map to be an analysis. As can be seen from the figure, the black part of the head and jaw is a fine fleece fabric, and the black part of the armpit is made of an elastic fabric and Primaloft is filled inside. The chest media pocket fabric is fine fleece and the lower pocket fabric is elastic mesh.

Look at the clothes to fill the velvet effect. The amount of velvet filling is sufficient. Each feather plaid is full. All the feather plaids use a three-dimensional micro cut-off process to ensure that velvet does not leak.

Pay attention to see the shoulder filling, uniform and ensure the amount of filling. The secret of the domestic down apparel manufacturing industry is that the back of the chest is more velvet-filled, and the shoulder sleeves are less charged with velvet to reduce costs and gain more profits. Thus, the Italian-style quality of La Sportiva can still be trusted.

Very comprehensive certification, quality assurance, maintenance and return requirements, detailed parameters at a glance. The two colorful tags are very distinctive. One is La Sportiva's clothing layering system. The other is La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET's positioning in the clothing layering system (for 4th floor) and clothing. Introduction. And use a unique icon recognition system to tell everyone about this La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET clothing features.

Fourth, La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET outdoor experience

Introducing so many things, "If you say that you do not practice is also a false type, it is the case that the nephew is out of Madras." Translating into Mandarin means that if a product is excellent, it must be tested in practice.

Test circuit:

Western Sichuan Loop: Chengdu - Balang Mountain Pass - Xiaojin - Danba - Bamei - Luhuo - Seda - Tapong - Xinduqiao - Ahaha Dukou - Zimei Pass - Gower Temple Hill - Daocheng - Aden - Derong - Feilai Temple

test environment:

The Western Sichuan Plateau is part of the southeastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Hengduan Mountains. The ground elevation is 4000-4500 meters, second only to the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. This area has obvious changes in topography and geomorphology, including extremely high mountain peaks, low-altitude glaciers, deep canyons, rapid rivers, high-cold grasslands, and creek ditch. The mountains and canyons are adjacent and there is a big gap. The elevation difference between the elevation of the area is large, and the climate changes three-dimensionally. From the valley to the ridge there are subtropical, warm-temperate, middle-temperate, cold-temperate, sub-frigid, cold, and permafrost zones. Translated into Putonghua: Plateau weather changes, weather forecasts can only be a reference, just a few miles away, a turn may be hazy. There is a large temperature difference between day and night. During the test, the temperature was between zero and 15 degrees above zero, accompanied by gale 3-7.

In 13 days, this La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET traveled with me all over the land of Western Sichuan and never failed to give me warmth. From the Seda Buddha State to the Ta Kung Prairie, from the King of the Mount Song to the Mount Aden, and finally detoured Yunnan, the Meili Snow Mountain was reconstructed. Accompanying me to watch the sunrise and sunset, accompany me to see the sea of ​​clouds and starry sky, and even more accompany me to enjoy the snow-capped mountains and hiking plateau Haizi. It's always with me, moving, cold, windy weather.

The first time to use this down is in Seda, the famous Wuming Buddha Academy, with an average elevation of about 4,000 meters. In order to take a panoramic view, you can only climb high. In the western slopes of Seda, it is estimated that there are about six winds. The temperature under the sun is about 10 degrees, and the shade is about 5 degrees or even lower. With strong winds, it feels very cold. When the sun goes down and the temperature drops suddenly, if there is no warmth for me, it will not be able to capture the night view of Seda anyway. Directly down with the outer layer, there is no match with the Jackets. Static wear feeling, warm and comfortable, with the use of headgear can greatly enhance the thermal effect. However, because the headgear is too tight, the windproof also has sound insulation, so that I can't hear the teammates. (This is the pit I just planted)

Send a bellyband welfare to prove the wind speed at that time. When I was taking pictures, it was 4 o'clock in the afternoon and the sun was full. It could be said that it was the highest temperature in the day. However, because the wind quickly took away body temperature, we should quickly put down the warmth after taking pictures. On this trip I can say this, La Sportiva "Bai Bai" has made a lot of contribution.

Zi Meikou, 4,500 meters above sea level, is a great place to see the Gongga Snow Mountain, the king of Shushan. I can't let it go. The character bursts out on that day, and fortunately I saw Gongga Yunhai. After entering the night, the sea of ​​clouds flowed and the sky was full of stars, but the temperature dropped rapidly. This duvet served well as a camp suit.

Keeping warm, tightening the headgear, tightening the headgear, and tightening the headgear are important. Say it three times!

This picture was falsified because the wind was too strong and I couldn't guarantee that the arm was still for more than 5 seconds.

Light has a static warmth, how can we reflect La Sportiva's belief in sports. The walking in Yading Village is a perfect combination of down motion and warmth. The reasonable shoulder design allows the upper limb to move freely. With patented Spirex technology, combined with humidity management and breathability, it does not feel sultry under a weight of 10 kg. The body is dry and warm.

In order to shoot Yang Maiyong, we set off before dawn. The morning temperature is low and protective measures are in place. Bringing a headgear to a zipper also ensures that the head is flexible. The only drawback is that the protection is too tight and hearing is impaired. In order to communicate with friends, he did not tighten his head cap later.

Climb 800 meters up to 4700 meters of colored sea from Luorong cattle farm at an altitude of 3900 meters. Slightly sweating on foot, but the down jacket still dare not to take off, can only pull open the zipper.

As the altitude rises, the wind gets bigger and I pull the zipper up again. . .

Has completely adapted to the plateau, jumping is not a problem, standing on a monolith to show a mighty posture, pay attention to see the wind down bulging down jacket, indicating that the duvet inside is very good, there is a lot of air, this is Down can keep warm principle.

Mountain wading finally reached the milk sea, La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET in the performance of the sport is perfect, praise!

The previous photo shows the wind speed

After that, freeze the dog and quickly wear down jacket to keep warm.

Continue to climb up to five-colored sea, colored sea will show different colors with the light changes, 100 meters higher than the milk sea, the ridge is too strong, even if there is protection of down jackets did not dare to wear the apron skirt, but wearing Down jacket to do yoga is still possible.

This time in the western Sichuan Plateau, La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET played a huge role during sunrise and sunset. A teammate with a classic bread wearing a RAB, I wore La Sportiva, and the remaining two teammates wearing other down jackets properly prepared a dog at sunrise and sunset.

Ta Kung Prairie An Unknown Hill Waiting for the Sunset of Gongga

After watching Meili Jinshan, wearing La Sportiva is so confident!

After these days of experience, La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET gave me the warmth and comfort like a "big white" holding me behind. In the cold, people feel very practical, it makes me put it down, unable to extricate themselves, can not do without it, if it were a man, I would choose to marry him.

In the end, it did not become a boy. And I really became the "Large King", this is a new nickname teammates gave me. In the famous Black Rock City of Gore Temple Hill, there is a "Large King" in the cloud. The Black Rock City of Gore Temple Hill is the best location for the highly recommended Gongga in National Geographic. Many people have made a big show here. This was the only cloudy day on our trip. It was a light shower when we went down. Fortunately, the down jacket was a waterproof fabric. After the rain stopped, it did not affect the wear. Blackrock City is 4,600 meters above sea level. It is extremely cold after the rain and teammates are busy going down the mountain. Unfortunately, there are no photos available.

The last little video was pure entertainment. Please feel the power of faith and the magical power of the “Large King” in the desolate ruins.


Fifth, the advantages and disadvantages

1, containing cashmere 90% European high-quality white goose down filling, 700 fluffy, with 143.6 grams of down-filling amount of this jacket can be fully qualified for winter warmth task, can wear the outer layer can also be used as a middle layer to wear.

2, the mix of three different fabrics, the main 20D tear-proof fabric windproof and water repellent; shoulder elastic nylon fabric comfortable and breathable, to ensure that the upper arm freely moves; underarm cuffs and hem inner nylon and elastic fiber mixed fabric wear resistant Three kinds of fabric with a reasonable color and beautiful, people at first sight.

3, Primaloft is filled with 140g under the armpit. It effectively solves the concerns of moisture wet down during exercise to reduce warmth and is designed for exercise.

4. All the down plaids use a three-dimensional micro-cutting process to ensure maximum velvet penetration. The actual experience is true, only one velvet was drilled in 13 days.

5. The design of the hooded cap is tight, with the Drawstring Drawstring and Drawstring Drawstring in the pocket to lock the temperature tightly, highlighting the professionalism of the La Sportiva designer. This may be the same number of Peng, the same amount of down the warmth of the two down jacket thermal performance has another secret, professional design can be more warm!

This long-distance experience gave me enough recognition of the warmth of La Sportiva CHAM 2.0 DOWN JACKET and confirmed many details designed for sports. The only drawback is that the cuffs are elastic but not adjustable, and they are even more perfect if they are replaced with adjustable velcro designs.

VI. Experience people information

If you happen to see this review and want to learn more about the basic information of "The King of Las Vegas", please continue to browse through the following text. If the conditions are right, it may become my "great white" Europe! Girls can only focus on La Sportiva branded clothing, and this Wang is normal in orientation.

Experience People ID: Ball Love Travel

Gender: Female

Height: 1.60M

Weight: 48 kg

Outdoor time and experience: In 2009, we began to gradually touch the outdoors, which was usually found in the surrounding mountains and fields in Beijing. He loves long-term lines, has masterminds of line planning, has hidden fans, and has teamed up for several trips to Tibet. In 2014, he received the first prize of “The Most Beautiful Tibetan Story” on an outdoor website. He has a wide range of hobbies, rich travel experience, self-driving walks on domestic and foreign routes, likes tossing equipment, and small equipment controls.


At the end of the day, I would like to thank my photographer and my teammates for their companionship. Because I took pictures of Rath King for a lot of time, thank you for being tolerant to me. Thank you! deeply!

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