Gorgeous wardrobe design queen should have

Gorgeous wardrobe design queen should have

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The noble and arrogant queens, elegant and arrogant, low-key and mysterious, in short, are a desirable mysterious figure. Many people are curious about the characters like the queen. What style is their wardrobe ? How to design it? The Chinese wardrobe net today recommends 6 queen-level wardrobe designs for you to make you addicted.

Wardrobe design

At the corner of the room, use the shelf to hang the clothes, the bottom is placed, and the window sill on the left is the shoe area, so simple and atmospheric.

European wardrobe

This design is very elegant in place, white minimalist European wardrobe, if you think the wardrobe is too small, the function is not perfect, there is a shoe storage area next to the sofa.

Queen wardrobe

This must be a delicate and living queen. The walk-in closet design, the shoes are placed layer by layer, the left side is the hanging area of ​​the skirt and clothes, and the right side is the storage area of ​​the bag jewelry, at a glance.

Stainless Steel House Numbers

 3D effect hardware house numbers is constructed from solid metal body and is made of stainless steel 304,black or satin brushed finish,will be rustproof and waterproof, brushed treatment looks textured, could be used indoor or outdoor, the normal thickness is 2mm, will not be twisted easily.

Features and advantages

1.EASY INSTALLATION - Requires no special tools outside of a hammer and It comes with a high quality mounting kit.

2.FLOATING EFFECT-each door number is silver or black, and has a hidden back legs of 6mm in length. It provide a modern floating effect for our numbers and letters, and they seem to magically float when viewed from the front.

3.SOLID STAINLESS STEEL - One of our biggest advantage over our competitors is that our products are made from the finest 304 Stainless Steel. Our Stainless steel house numbers and letters are extremely durable and made to withstand the harshest conditions.


Material Stainless Steel 304
Size 3inches-12inches 
Surface treatment Satin or Black
Thinkness 2mm with 6mm back legs
Using Home,office,hotel,factory,etc

Product details

Hardware House NumberStainless Steel Invisible Screw Door House NumbersStainless Steel House Number


1.Q:Do you accept customize?      

   A:Yes,we have our own factory, can customize according to your requirements.
2.Q:Can print our logo or company name on the product?
   A:Yes, if the guest requirement, we can print your logo and company name such as the information on products or packaging.
3.Q:Is it possible to get a free sample?
   A:Yes,Stock samples are free, but shipping cost you collect. We could also customize sample for you, the specific price will be confirmed according to the sample`s workmanship. If we have a further cooperation in the future, the sample fee will be returned.

4.Q: How does your factory do regarding quality control?

A:Our quality inspections will take quality control of each production process, also you can come to our factory to make the inspection the goods before shipment, till the guests are satisfied of them and make the payment, then we will make the shipment.

5.Q:What is your delivery time?
  A:Usually 25-30 days. According to the product and quantity, delivery time will have different.

Hardware House Numbers

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