Extraction principle of Shanghai Xinzhuang solid phase extraction device

Extraction principle of Shanghai Xinzhuang solid phase extraction device


Shanghai Xinzhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. produces and develops the LNB brand solid phase extraction device, the supporting device in the solid phase extraction operation process, and the Xinzhuang vacuum pump makes the whole process faster, more efficient and more convenient.

The solid phase extraction device is our common extraction instrument. His function is very powerful, but how to use it is a problem worth studying. Today, Shanghai Xinzhuang will accompany you to talk about the extraction technology of the solid phase extraction device. See below:

Reversed phase separation consists of a polar or medium polarity sample matrix (mobile phase) and a non-polar stationary phase. Analytes are usually medium to non-polar. Several SPE materials are of the inverse type, such as alkyl groups, or aromatically bonded silica gels (LC-18, ENVI-18, LC-8, ENVI-8, LC-4, and LC-Ph). Here, the hydrophilic silanol group on the surface of pure silica gel (generally having a pore size of 60 to 40 mm) is substituted by a hydrophobic alkyl group or an aromatic group by a silane chemical reaction. Solid phase extraction device

Organic analytes in polar solutions (eg, water) can remain on these SPE materials due to the adsorption of carbon-hydrogen bonds in the analyte with the surface functional groups of the silica gel. This non-polar-non-polar adsorption force is often referred to as van der Waals force or dispersion force. In order to elute the adsorbed compound from the reverse phase SPE tube or sheet, a non-polar solvent is typically employed to destroy the force by which the compound is adsorbed onto the fill material. LC-18 and LC-8 are standard single-bond silica gels, while ENVI-18 and ENVI-8 are polymeric bond-type fillers with high silicon surface coverage and high carbon content. Such polymeric bonding fillers are more resistant to acid and alkali and are therefore more suitable for environmental applications, such as enrichment of organic compounds from acidified liquid samples. All used bonded silica phases have a certain amount of unreacted silanol groups which will be the source of secondary interactions. This secondary interaction is very useful when extracting or retaining highly polar analytes or contaminants, but adsorption to the analyte may also be irreversible. Solid phase extraction device

The following materials were also used for the reversed phase conditions: ENVI-Carb (carbon), ENVI-Chrom P (polymerized) and Hisep (polymeric coated bonded silica). Carbon-containing adsorbent materials, such as ENVI-Carb materials, consist of graphite and non-porous carbon, which have a high adsorption capacity for polar and non-polar organic compounds in polar and non-polar samples. The carbon surface is an atomic structure of a regular six-ring, and each carbon atom is coupled to each other on the graphite layer. This positive six-ring structure has strong selectivity for certain molecules, such as planar aromatic compounds or quasi-hexacyclic molecules and hydrocarbon chain molecules that can form many surface contacts. The retention of the analyte depends on its structure (shape and size) rather than the interaction of the functional groups on it with the surface of the adsorbent. For elution, use medium to non-polar solvents. Compared to alkyl-bonded silica gels, ENVI-Carb exhibits unique structural and selectivity advantages, especially when bonded silica gels are not working.

Polymeric adsorbing materials, such as ENVI-Chrom P, are styrene-divinylbenzene materials which are used to retain some hydrophobic compounds containing hydrophilic functional groups, especially aromatic compounds. Phenol is sometimes difficult to retain on C18 bonded silica under reversed phase conditions, primarily because it is more soluble in water than the organic phase. ENVI-ChromP retains phenol well under reversed phase conditions. When eluting, medium to non-polar solvents are used because polymeric fillers are very stable to all solvents. Solid phase extraction device

Hisep is a hydrophobic (like C18) bonded silica coated with a hydrophilic polymer, often used in reversed phase conditions. This porous polymer prevents unwanted macromolecules from being adsorbed onto the silica surface. The pore size of the polymer allows only the hydrophobic organic small molecule compounds (such as drugs) to be analyzed close to the surface of the silica gel, while the undesired macromolecules (such as proteins) are isolated by the polymer layer, without the opportunity to access the surface of the silica gel, and Rinse out of the solid phase extraction tube. The Hisep solid phase extraction process is similar to the LC-18 solid phase extraction process.

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