Evaluation: Mo Lin sink W-219 fine technology cost-effective

Evaluation: Mo Lin sink W-219 fine technology cost-effective

company profile

The Moulin sink originated from Taiwan's Moulin Industry, which was founded in the 1970s. Winster (Fuzhou) Kitchen & Bathroom Equipment Co., Ltd. is currently the only investment company of Moulin Industry in the mainland. The company (Winstar (Fuzhou) Kitchen & Bathroom Equipment Co., Ltd.) is committed to providing high-quality kitchen and toilet equipment to 400 million household users in China, and thus changing people's lives; the marketing network has basically covered first-tier cities across the country, Extend to the second and third tier markets and even the entire mainland China. The company currently includes kitchen stainless steel sinks, kitchen faucets, various accessories and toilet showers.

Product Details:

Brand: American Merlin

Model: Mo Lin sink W-219 series

Slot number: double slot

Sink depth: 210mm

Surface technology : fine hand-drawing

Specifications: large and small trough

1. Appearance

The appearance of the Molin sink looks smooth and bright, and the stainless steel material looks very textured. The brushed surface is brighter as you rub it. The design of the basin is reasonable, no matter where you wash vegetables and fruits, it is very convenient. From the perspective of material, it is finely brushed and soft silk texture.

The vortex design of the concentric pattern on the bottom of the basin makes the launching faster. Do not leave residual water. After washing vegetables and dishes, it is easy to take care of it. After wiping with a rag, it can be clean and smooth again. This sink is also very high.

Second, the details

Abandon the complicated design and return to the true value, the small kitchen can tolerate large washing. This double basin sink is equipped with a hot and cold hot water high-throwing faucet. It is of a suitable height design, and it is very convenient to use both cold and hot water.

The beveled edge and round edge technology is beautiful and elegant, and can be installed on both the stage and the stage. Top-notch integrated molding process to create diamond quality. This sink is made of authentic 304 chrome 18 nickel 8 stainless steel plate, with obvious signs, easy to distinguish authenticity.

3. Size

The depth of the sink is 20CM, which meets the needs of many users with large capacity. Even a large watermelon can be washed in summer. The basin wall of the Merlin sink is at a right angle of nearly 90 degrees, making the area of ​​the bottom of the dish as large as the mouth of the basin, thereby increasing the area of ​​use of the sink.

The thickness is 1.0, and the hardness is up to the standard. Unlike some miscellaneous sinks on the market, the edges are very thin. If you encounter bumps, you will leave traces. This Molin sink fully takes into account the characteristics of home life in the production process, and adopts a thick basin design.

There is a sealed cover at the bottom of the sink, which is not easy to leak due to centralized cleaning of the stored water. In the production process, the Molin water tank pays great attention to the flatness of the water tank, and is controlled by precision abrasive tools to produce products that are both practical and beautiful.

Four, function

Double filtration, the sewer pipe is not easy to block. There are many debris in daily life. If you don't pay attention, there will be blockages. It is very troublesome to clear up. This problem will not occur in this Molin sink.

The enamel coating on the bottom of the basin is deodorant, silent and waterproof. This is actually very important. In general, there will be some storage space under the sink, and the cabinet can be kept dry without condensation.

The mute technology of this sink is also quite good, and there is no big running sound. The bottom of the basin is seamlessly welded, highly rust proof, and quality guaranteed.

Sewerage ABS material, high temperature resistance, S-bend deodorant, internal steel wire, firm and not deformed, can also prevent sewer odor recoil. Just open the s-shaped fixing ring and straighten the drainage hose to easily solve the clogging phenomenon.

ABS material for launching water, high temperature resistance, S-bend and deodorant, internal steel wire, firm and no deformation, ensure no water leakage and longer service life. Sewer pipes are also very important, and good materials can withstand the test in later use.

Recommended reason: This Molin sink material is made of authentic 304 chromium 18 nickel 8 stainless steel plate, cold drawing fine drawing process, the sewer pipe is bent and deodorized, the inner wall is smooth and not easy to store stains, the inscribed steel wire is not deformed, and the ABS material is resistant to high temperatures. Moderate size, large capacity, suitable for most families, cost-effective.

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Measurements (mm)

1200*620 *480(L*W*H)


PP(Different material is available at your demand)


a. safe

b. durable
c. colorful

d. Simple and easy assembly


a. Advanced techniques and high-tech equipments

b. A full set of quality control system and comprehensive management mechanism
c. Owning a professional design team

d. Self-owned brand and independent manufacturer

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Communities, amusement park, kindergarten, prechool, residential area, supermarket,



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EN1176, EN71, CCC,CE,14000,28000,GS,SGS

Warranty Period

2 years

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