Classification of Cohen balances in Germany and their advantages

Classification of Cohen balances in Germany and their advantages

Cohen balance classification

Cohen balances are mainly divided into three categories: laboratory, industrial, and medical.

Laboratory categories include: analytical balances, precision balances, moisture analyzers, laboratory scales

The industrial category includes: industrial platform scales, waterproof balances, food balances, counting balances and counting systems, industrial scales, mobile balances (industrial forklifts), industrial crane scales.

Medical category includes: baby scales, weight scales, wheelchair scales

Classification of Cohen balances in Germany and their advantages

Cohen's advantage

Cohen Balance has a large number of user groups in Germany and Europe, whether it is a scientific institution such as a school or scientific research institute, a medical institution such as a hospital, or a service institution such as a store or a convenience store, or an industrial enterprise such as a factory or workshop. The appearance of Cohen's products also reflects that Cohen's balance products have a very wide range of applications in various industries. Cohen balances the product classification very carefully, which also provides more convenient conditions for selection in sales.

As we all know, the German precision industry has always been at the leading level in the world. The Cohen balance not only inherits the tradition of the German precision industry, but also continues to develop and innovate. And the Germans have very high requirements for product quality, and all aspects of production are very rigorous. In addition, Cohen's own laboratory is a designated laboratory certified by DKD, so in terms of product quality, Cohen Balance is very trustworthy.

In terms of product functions, Cohen did not have much difference between imported brands Doris and Mettler, but each brand said differently about functions. For example, Sartorius has four-level seismic resistance for analytical balances, and the Cohen tube function is called three-level filtering. The analysis is exactly the same from the working principle.

In order to vigorously promote the Cohen brand and seize market share, we basically position the retail price of the market to be close to Mettler and Sartorius, and the prices of some products are slightly lower than the above brands. After all, the above two brands are basically Most of the models are domestically assembled. Cohen's products are all imported from Germany. Selling the original imported products at the price of domestic assembly is a great advantage. And in terms of discounts, it leaves a considerable profit margin for dealers and agents.

In terms of after-sales service, we provide one-year warranty lifetime maintenance and repair services. During the warranty period, if the faults and problems caused by the product itself, we will provide free maintenance; products beyond the warranty period, we only charge the cost cost. We have our own technical team, the personnel have been systematically trained, and keep in touch with the technical personnel of the German manufacturers at any time, if there is a problem, we will provide corresponding assistance to the customer as soon as possible and solve the problem as soon as possible.

With the promotion of Cohen in China in recent years, we have also accumulated a lot of extensive customer groups, and we have our own perfect website and purchase channels.

Cohen's disadvantage

Compared with the two imported brands Mettler and Sartorius, Cohen has retained the traditional sense of consciousness and vigorously developed the European market. The corresponding customer recognition in the domestic market is lower than the above two brands. The process of promotion. However, after about three years, we found that many foreign technicians in foreign companies and joint ventures in China will choose the Cohen brand, which shows that Cohen is still well-known in Europe and other regions. This has also brought some positive effects on the domestic market, and it will be more convenient to promote.

In addition, Cohen balances started in industry, so Cohen balances have greater advantages in industrial balances and conventional laboratory balances. It may be that some high-precision balances Cohen have not yet dealt with, such as balances with a precision of 1ug.

Cohen compared with other brands

When it comes to importing balances, people often think of basically Mettler in Switzerland and Sartorius in Germany. Needless to say, because these two brands entered the Chinese market earlier, they have been recognized for a long time, and the quality of the products is good, so in many cases, the products of these two brands are the first choice products. With the increase in market demand and the increase in production costs, Mettler and Sartorius have successively launched product models specifically for the Chinese market (Mettler's AL series and Sartorius' BS series). Imports have gradually transformed into domestic assembly and even domestic production.

Looking at domestic balances, Shanghai Precision and Shenyang Longteng can be regarded as brands with their own styles in domestic brands, but due to the mobility of talents and the lack of strict management mechanisms, the quality has never been recognized by the market, plus The difference in product appearance and product raw materials has also affected the development of these two brands in China.

Cohen has been committed to the development of the European and American markets before, and recently turned its attention to the domestic market. In terms of market positioning, Cohen tends to be mid-to-high-end users, not a high-end market mixed with Yunlong. Advantages, plus Cohen are all original imported products, regardless of product quality or manufacturing process, they have inherited the Germans' rigorous and serious style, and achieved the most basic guarantee in product quality.

In terms of price, Mettler and Sartorius basically occupy a large part of the domestic market, and the price is also highly transparent due to the high domestic awareness, so that end users will continue to suppress dealers and agents The discount of dealers makes the profits of dealers and agents very low.

Although Shanghai Precision and Shenyang Longteng have a relatively absolute advantage in price, after all, users have low trust in products, which also causes these two brands to compete in the low-end market.

The price of Cohen is basically the same as or even lower than that of Mettler and Sartorius. As far as discounts are concerned, dealers and agents are allowed to make enough profit space, so that not only can the advantages of original imports be used to Mettler and Sartorius has the same influence, and can also use the price advantage to gradually reduce the sales space of domestic brands, so that it can occupy the domestic mid-range and even the high-end market.

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