Application of Rotary Screen Printing Unit with Flexo Printing

Application of Rotary Screen Printing Unit with Flexo Printing

The biggest feature of screen printing is that the printing ink is thick and can be adjusted at will, so this printing method can show the best highlight effect.

Traditionally, screen printing is not a major printing process in the field of packaging and trademark anti-counterfeit printing. However, according to the recent development of the domestic and international packaging market, screen printing has shown relatively steady growth in the field of packaging security printing. . The combination of screen printing and other printing methods has gradually occupied an important position in the packaging printing market.

The rotary screen printing unit with extremely high printing precision is printed with a flexographic printing press, making its application more extensive, especially in the following 9 aspects:

1. In order to enhance the attractiveness of the product, when using the air-through effect design, it is necessary to use a very strong color or light-emitting ink;
2. Some labels used in harsh environments, such as battery labels, paint labels;
3. Need to emphasize product branding and labeling products, such as drug labeling, injections, etc.
4. Some of the ingredients are required by law to alert users, including the blind;
5. Need to get the design of gold, silver and other metal effects;
6. Need a simple and elegant decorating effect, such as using screen printing to print a large area of ​​solid and anti-white characters without printing fine text;
7. Embossing and frosting effects appear on cigarette packs or cosmetic packaging;
8. Using the characteristics of thick screen printing ink, printing "including prizes", various kinds of lottery and other securities;
9. The use of optically variable screen inks and temperature change screen inks can increase the security features of valuable documents and high-grade trademarks.

The EM series flexographic printing press mainly used for packaging printing by the Swiss Gallas Group in China recently sold, of which more than 90% of the models are requested by the user to configure the rotary screen printing unit, indicating that this combination printing method is subject to Welcome degree.

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