Advantages and disadvantages of ecological doors and traditional wooden doors

Advantages and disadvantages of ecological doors and traditional wooden doors

The advantages and disadvantages of the ecological door and the traditional wooden door are: the overall metal is strong, simple, stylish, and stylish, the surface can use any material and color that you think of, to meet your individual needs, to enhance the living environment effect, door and door The sets can be combined, interchanged, titanium-aluminum alloy base material, super-flat, rich and varied, and widely used: moisture-proof, mildewproof, soundproof, dustproof, fireproof, wear-resistant, environmentally friendly, impact resistant, non-deformable, non-discoloring, Enhanced sealing. Between the door cover and the wall, there is a German high-grade high-tech return air design strip. The stronger the wind, the stronger the seal, and the unevenness of the wall.

Between the door cover and the door, the strip material between the door frame and the face material has excellent sealing property, good aging resistance, good elasticity, quick green installation, no damage to the wall, no on-site processing, no processing dust and earth. The page has a perfect Italian design with high-grade non-slip mats. The switch is light and smooth, ultra-quiet, resistant to opening, easy to repair, easy to replace, easy to install and disassemble, and metal has excellent hardness to ensure the structure of the door will not be Deformation, prolonging the service life without any post-processing, raw materials are non-toxic, tasteless, safe to use, save time, belonging to the eco-friendly door core material imported from Germany by the bridge mechanics board and the new material aluminum honeycomb, which has a hollow structure and is resistant to impact. Soundproof, lightweight, and extended hinge life.

Traditional wooden door: It is old wood processing, the surface material is single, can not be combined freely, the wood can not guarantee the flatness, the defects of the wooden material itself are easy to cause moisture, mold, discoloration, wear and tear, due to regional climate differences, room temperature and humidity Different, speed up the deformation of the wooden door, the speed of mold, discoloration, without any rubber strip, can not achieve the sealing effect, the installation is cumbersome, time-consuming, costly, labor-intensive, troublesome to process, dusty, old-fashioned between hinges and doors The connection method will destroy the substrate of the outer door.

Shorten the service life, and the switch is not smooth, it can't be disassembled many times, it is not convenient to repair and replace. The hardness of wood is limited. The long-term use will cause deformation of the door structure, reduce the service life, the surface paint and the smell of wood itself. It has great harm to the human body, it must be wasted time and smell, before it can be stayed. The core material is mostly Shamu, easy to deform, not soundproof, not environmentally friendly, and the style is very small, the style is similar.

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