About the equipment investment plan for starting a fast-print shop

About the equipment investment plan for starting a fast-print shop


business background

The digital fast printing industry in China has been around for more than ten years. As the first generation of digital chain fast printing enterprises in Beijing, Shimei Digital has seen a lot of changes in the past 16 years.

“Digital Fast Printing” is also known as “short print ” or “ digital printing ”. It is still an emerging industry to date. As a supplement to the traditional printing industry, it does not require traditional printing plates and other complicated processes. The text becomes digital information. After computer processing, the output is completed by laser or inkjet. The most advanced color, black-and-white copying and digital printing equipment are used to serve a relatively large number of customers with relatively low printing volume or short working time requirements.

More than a decade ago, no one was optimistic about the fast printing industry. People may not even think that digital fast printing has developed to the present day. Digital printing methods that can be unveiled in new packaging are popular in the country. Graphic printing companies are springing up like mushrooms. In the streets and alleys. Undoubtedly, with the development of technology, graphic fast printing is occupying an increasing market share, more and more widely meet the market's personalized and diverse needs. What followed was that more and more people began to pay attention to this business opportunity and eager to try.

Equipment investment

With the rapid development of digital printing, on-demand printing and feature binding technology, the rapid rise of large and small print shops around the world, various software and hardware investments have quickly become a hot topic.

Before choosing digital fast printing equipment, we must first have a full understanding of the fast printing market. We need to know what types of fast printing needs are currently available in the major customer groups in this industry, and what are the specific types in each type of fast printing business. The project is the key business of our fast-printing store plan or development, and how the characteristics of these businesses are represented. Secondly, the positioning of its own fast-printing store should be clear and clear, and its scale and strength are large and medium-sized. It is also a small fast-printing shop that confirms the accurate monthly print quantity that can be achieved now or in the future; once again, it is clear what the development goal of its fast-printing store in the next few years is, and how high the expected value of the selected equipment is. Finally, the combination The above-mentioned necessary factors analyze the budget and expected return rate of the plan. Here, based on my years of experience in the business of Shimei Digital, I propose the following suggestions for your reference.

1. Focus on the brand of the device

High-quality equipment brand is the guarantee of print quality, stability and quality service. High-quality brands often have certain technical and service advantages. In actual use, we will avoid many unnecessary problems caused by equipment failure. Trouble, and we can also use the brand's overall strength and industry experience to explore new business opportunities and grow together. At present, the printing equipments in the domestic market involving fast printing industry include Fuji Xerox, Canon, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak , Océ, Konica Minolta and other brands. These imported new equipment are more expensive and can be purchased from these companies. There are not many fast print shops.

Most of the investors in the fast-printing store consider that the investment is too large or there is no stable source of large customers, and the lack of technical experience will lead to slow cost recovery. In addition, the current market competition is so fierce, so the initial investment in the store to buy machines At the time, in order to reduce the investment cost, basic equipment will be purchased, but some people may easily go into the wrong situation because they do not understand the market. Therefore, from the profit-benefit analysis of input-output, once the second-hand equipment is improperly selected, it will often become the “chicken rib” of the fast-printing store, which means that it is useless and it is a pity to abandon it. Second-hand equipment is now hotter, black and white - Canon iR6000 (black and white), color - Fuji Xerox 6550. Note: In terms of black and white models, Canon iR5000 is a model that has been eliminated by the market, but because this model saves consumables, print quality and speed (50 pages A4/min), it has been very popular in the second-hand market; In terms of color models, Fuji Xerox DC12 color printer is a model that has been eliminated by the market, but if it is a small digital fast-printing shop, there is no color printer that can't stand. This machine prints 12 pages A4/minute, and the second phone is not enough color. Bright, suitable for customers with low image quality and low price.

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