A variety of wardrobe styles, thousands of choices, the most suitable for clothes, "good companion"

A variety of wardrobe styles, thousands of choices, the most suitable for clothes, "good companion"

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The bedroom is very beautiful and very warm, but always feel that something is missing? People can't live without friends, just like fish can't be separated from water, clothes need to be accompanied, it is also lonely, we will find it A wardrobe is a companion. However, there are many wardrobe styles that require us to carefully screen.

First, the wardrobe style:

The general wardrobe style is mainly based on the style of the bedroom. The overall decoration style of the bedroom is mainly modern and simple, rural style, modern European style, new pragmatic style, etc., so the wardrobe is divided into many to make the space more harmonious. Style.

Wardrobe style

1. Modern style:

The modern style of the wardrobe is mainly based on fashionable colors and is centered on the fashion theme.

2. Rural style:

The idyllic style is mainly based on the theme of floral flowers, showing the effect of the pastoral in the form of painting.

3. Ancient style:

The quaint style is mainly Jiangnan style, with a modern style in the Qing Dynasty-style wardrobe.

4. European style:

The European style is mainly white, showing the European style of the royal style.

Second, the wardrobe interior style

Wardrobes vary in style from the outside, and there are different classifications from the interior.

Bedroom closet


Free access to the wardrobe , of course, the wardrobe is also relatively large, taking clothes is stepping in

2. Hand-in

Mainly hanging clothes, taking clothes by hand

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