A new generation of resin formula shrink packaging film come out

A new generation of resin formula shrink packaging film come out

The new generation NexxstarTM resin formulation, designed for shrink wrap molds (sometimes referred to as multi-piece and bundling packages), can bring you amazing packaging performance and economic benefits as well as lead to product sales opportunities. The above co-extruded resin formulation (or film structure) is the second solution in ExxonMobil Chemical's high-performance, tailor-made NexxstarTM resin formulation packaging line solution, which is considered to be a thin film producer and brand name. Bring considerable benefits.

As many as 70% of retail products in stores are bought by consumers on impulse, therefore, the role of packaging in the selection of products has never been so important. The shrink film produced with Nexxstar resin formula has excellent optical properties, such as high transparency, low haze and high gloss, and its printing quality is better than traditional shrink film, which can enhance the attractiveness of the product/brand. This provides new development opportunities for product marketing, brand building, sales promotion and product promotions.

In addition, the shrink film produced with Nexxstar resin formulation technology has excellent toughness, can provide excellent package integrity during transportation and handling, and also has good stiffness, suitable for advanced high-speed packaging lines. These advantages help to further reduce the use of trays and other high cost packaging components.

While ensuring performance, significant economic benefits can be created through thinning. Compared with the traditional shrink film, the cost is reduced by 10%-15%; Compared with the cardboard packaging, the cost is reduced by more than 50%.

Nexxstar resin formula shrink film is very suitable for packaging of bottled water, beverages, detergents and personal care products. In recent years, the trend of the retail market for this product is to purchase multiple packaged products in supermarkets and bulk purchases of large packaged products in warehouses and stores.

“This is a huge change in the shrink packaging market. We have not only developed a resin formulation that is enhanced by thinning and reducing unnecessary secondary packaging,” said Ace, global polyethylene film business manager at ExxonMobil Chemical Corporation. The economic benefits, but also make your retail products more attractive on the shelf. With the further development of the trend of multi-piece sales and bulk purchases, how to increase economic efficiency and product attractiveness has become the development of packaging materials Important factors that must be taken into account. For packaging films, it is extremely important to help identify brands and promote product sales because packaging is quickly becoming a silent salesperson in the store.”

In order to achieve the high shrinkage performance of Nexxstar resin formulations, two new grades of NexxstarTM HDPE and NexxstarTM LDPE products have been developed, and the formula also incorporates ExceedTM mLLDPE metallocene linear low density polyethylene. The technology has been tested on the state-of-the-art packaging equipment of KHS-Kisters in Germany. Many brands in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia have also conducted trials. (Finish)

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