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Winter beauty makes winter ruddy and delicate skin

I worked hard to moisturize and whiten my face. In the end, I found that my skin is very dry and even dry. On the occasion of winter, don't forget to take good care of your skin.

Some people like winter, others are afraid, but after all, winter makes people experience the beauty.......

Teach you to draw Korean style eyeliner

The recent hot Korean style eyeliner retains the look of both eyes, and adds some Korean girls' femininity, which is more suitable for oriental women to paint daily. T-Tai supermodel favorite, today Xiaobian teaches everyone to draw!

6 tips to create a star exquisite face

Many MMs are envious of Korean stars who have exquisite three-dimensional faces. Because Chinese people's faces are flat, they want to have stereoscopic faces or rely on make-up. How to avoid sin and spend less, quickly have a small and charming little .......